Add/Update Link - Structured Settlements is a relatively new structured settlement company, having opened in 2000. Their focus is on providing solutions to periodic payment situations that include the use of different types of structured settlements and other products.

Structured settlements usually come out of court cases or lawsuits where the claimant wins damages from the defendant. In many of these cases, the claimant will have to rely on the structured settlement as their primary source of income. The defendant will want to save as much as possible, and the claimant will want to get the most money possible, leading to a difficult and challenging situation. Moreover, because structured settlements may become the claimant's primary source of income, it is important to get them correct. For example, if a claimant is expected to need surgery in 5 years, then the structure of the settlement payments will need to take that into account. As a result there are a lot of moving pieces to a structured settlement, so hiring a firm that specializes in designing and executing them can make sense. was founded in 2000, and their website looks like it might not have been updated since that date. The homepage is full out outdated and broken icons, has a tiny hard to read font, and is full of links that aren't categorized. As a result, it is one of the worst websites that we reviewed out of all the structured settlement companies around. If you can get beyond the visual difficulty with the website, you can find links to various services the company offers, mostly organized around different types of structured settlements and different aspects of the structured settlement market. Fr example, there are links for injured person, as well as links for lawyers and claims professionals. This is a good move, because it makes it more likely that you'll find the information you are looking for rather than spinning your wheels on the site trying to find information relevant to you.

In addition to setting up structured settlements, also offers services to set up other kinds of products related to settlements. These include settlement trusts, which can be used to help preserve your structured settlement for your loved ones, as well as other products that can change the way your settlements are disbursed. However, it is hard to find testimony from customers who have used this products from, so there is no way to verify their usefulness or quality. does have a lot of information on their site, but that information is not organized in a way that makes it accessible and usable by readers, which means they aren't going to get very many points for the info that they have. After all, what's the point of having lots of information if there's no way to understand what you're looking at or find what you're looking for? can be contacted for a free quote, but you might consider using one of the other structured settlement companies that we've reviewed. If their webpage is any indication, is not the place to go for your structured settlement needs.