Add/Update Link

Add or Modify a Government Site Listing

If you know of a new site that should be included on this list or a new address for a site already on this list, please let us know. Server control and content are the two major factors in deciding whether to include a specific site on this list.

Local sites that we include:

  • Servers controlled and managed by local government agencies
  • Servers with a domain that is obviously a city (ci) or county (co) one
  • Servers that include specific mention of the government
  • agency responsible for the site
  • Sites that include more than listings from local telephone books or brochures

Sites we exclude:

  • Personal sites
  • Neighborhood pages
  • Political advocacy and campaign pages
  • Commercial sites
  • Chamber of Commerce sites
  • Local media and Internet provider pages
  • Promotion and travel sites (except for official Tourism Offices)
  • Free-net and community servers unless they have up-to-date government information supplied/managed by government agencies

Before you submit a site using this form,
please check to see if it is already listed!