Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes Alabama

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If you live in a mobile home in Alabama, you need to buy insurance to provide protection to your property. This is especially important in the state of Alabama because there is an abundance of mobile homes. In fact, it makes up for approximately 16% of the state’s housing market.

If you are shopping around for the best insurance policy to cover your mobile home, you have come to the right place. This guide has all the information you need to make a smart choice about where to invest in insurance.

Why is Mobile Home Insurance in Alabama Necessary?

Buying mobile home insurance in Alabama is essential for a number of reasons. First off, mobile homes are manufactured using light materials (compared to traditional homes). This makes the home more at risk of sustaining damage and at higher risk of theft and similar incidents.

The state of Alabama experiences an average of 44 tornadoes every year. The tornadoes that struck the state in the past few years have resulted to more than 500 fatalities. Obtaining insurance for your mobile home is a must so you can get coverage for repair and medical costs associated with damage.

What’s Covered in a Mobile Home Insurance?

You need to evaluate the specific details of your insurance to ensure that you get adequate amount of protection. When shopping for insurance, the typical coverage includes the following:

It is important to note that not all mobile home insurance policies include protection against flood. If you live in an area in Alabama that is prone to flooding, be sure to purchase a separate insurance for this.

Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

How Much Does Mobile Home Insurance Cost in Alabama?

The cost of securing mobile home insurance is more expensive than traditional home insurance. This is due to the higher risk involved when owning a mobile home.

The average insurance premium in Alabama is $129 per month. The annual rate in Alabama is anywhere from $500 to $1,000, depending on various factors.

Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

Factors Affecting Mobile Home Insurance Rates

As mentioned above, there are various factors insurance companies use to evaluate the rates on your mobile home insurance. These factors include but are not limited to the following:

  • Location of the mobile home
  • Age of mobile home
  • Condition of mobile home
  • Coverage limits
  • Discounts
  • Past claims history

Tips When Shopping Mobile Home Insurance in Alabama

If you are looking for cheap mobile home insurance in Alabama, you need to study the factors that could affect insurance rates. This is important so you know what you can leverage to get the rates you can afford.

It is best to compare quotes from various insurance providers online. You need to get at least three quotes from different companies so you have an idea of the average cost. Make sure to check if you also need extra coverage (that is not included in your current policy) to get additional protection.

Manufactured Home Insurance Companies Near Me

Best Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Alabama

AlaCoast Insurance Agency

4430 Government Blvd b, Mobile, AL 36693

(251) 661-4410

First Baldwin Insurance

8154 AL-59 #201, Foley, AL 36535

(251) 943-6677

Heritage Insurance of Alabama, Inc.

15891 AL-104, Silverhill, AL 36576

(251) 945-6666

Coastal Insurance of Alabama

303 N Cedar St, Foley, AL 36535

(251) 424-1217

Alliance Insurance Group

1120 Hillcrest Rd # 1b, Mobile, AL 36695

(251) 281-0082

Alabama Insurance Agency

6721 Grelot Rd Suite C, Mobile, AL 36695

(251) 639-5000

CIS Insurance Agency

816 Military St S, Hamilton, AL 35570

(205) 430-8250

Coastal Insurance Group

3660 Dauphin St suite a, Mobile, AL 36608

(251) 344-9898