Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes Florida

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The sunny and warm climate makes Florida ideal for outdoor fun, that's why it is known as The Sunshine State. The beautiful beaches, diverse cultural landscape, and absence of state income tax make the state appealing for everyone. This is why Florida is one of the more popular states to move to in the country.

Whether you're a young professional looking to jumpstart your career in a bustling state, a couple looking to build a family, or a retiree wanting to escape the harsh winter, Florida has tons of great things to offer. One good option when moving to this state is living in a mobile home.

If you're considering moving to Florida and live in a mobile home, then you should know about the importance of getting a mobile home insurance.

Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

Mobile home insurance 101

Insurance companies categorize mobile home insurance differently from traditional home insurance. Mobile and manufactured homes are built in a factory and then transported to the location, whereas traditional houses are built on site and onto a foundation.

Mobile and manufactured homes are built using light construction materials. This means they are at higher risk for damage and wear and tear from harsh weather conditions. They are also more susceptible to natural disasters, theft, and vandalism. Thus, they depreciate in value faster than traditional site-built houses. You may expect insurance cost for such homes may be lower, but that is not always the case. In some cases, manufactured and mobile home insurance policies cost as much as site-built home insurance due to their vulnerability.

Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

Mobile home insurance coverage in Florida

A typical insurance policy in Florida will provide the following coverage options:

  • Dwelling coverage - This pays for property damage after fire or natural disasters. Example - A tree nearby fell on your mobile home due to strong winds.
  • Personal property - This pays for repairs or replacements of your assets and belongings. Example - Burglars break into your mobile home and steals your appliances, musical instruments, etc.
  • Lawsuit coverage - This pays for medical expenses in case someone incurs injury in your mobile home. Example - A guest trips and breaks his arm after a hard fall.

Like most traditional home insurance policies, mobile home insurance do not come with flood coverage. Thus, if you live in a flood-prone area in Florida, make sure you talk to your insurance provider about additional flood coverage for your mobile home.

Average cost of mobile home insurance in Florida

To help you determine the average rates for your insurance premium insurance companies use numerous factors to calculate that. Since these factors vary from one mobile home to another, it is best to compare online before you choose a policy. It is also important to get as many quotes as possible so you can get it for a cheap price.

Talk to your home insurance provider and get the best deal and protection for your mobile home.

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