Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes Kentucky

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The mobile home scene is thriving in the state of Kentucky. There are currently more than 1200 mobile home parks, which reflect its growing popularity as a choice of residence for many. Mobile housing in Kentucky can either be the trailer or manufactured home type. Regardless of the type, homeowners are recommended to obtain mobile home insurance policy. It is important to compare different insurance companies and look for ones that can customize your coverage as your needs and the level of protection required could differ from traditional homeowners insurance.

Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

Why Do You Need Mobile Home Insurance?

Fact: mobile homes are at higher risk than traditional homes. This type of home is designed to be easily transported from one location to another. While this is an advantage, it can also be disadvantageous when it comes to the quality of the home itself.

In Kentucky, residents experience an average of 21 tornadoes per year. While some might be mistaken to assume that a mobile home won't require insurance, this is actually the type of home that requires it most. The construction style means that it is not as sturdy as site-built homes and could be easily damaged by extreme weather conditions. Moreover, the light material is also a fire hazard.

In some cases, the location of the mobile home communities can also pose it at risk of theft, burglary, vandalism, and other similar types of crimes. Would you risk losing your mobile home and your personal belongings?

This is why it is best to secure your property and belongings with a mobile home insurance.

Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

Coverage of Mobile Home Insurance

When you compare insurance coverage online, there are two major categories of coverage that you can choose from: property damage and personal liability.

Property damage is a type of coverage that involves the cost of repair or replacement of your mobile home. Your insurance company will provide you with details about the extent of this coverage so make sure to look into that when buying a policy. In most cases, the average cost of insurance will provide protection against fire, natural disasters, theft, and vandalism.

When it comes to personal liability, it will protect you from the legal and medical costs associated with liabilities that are directly linked to your mobile home. It might have caused injury to others or damage to private or public property. This type of coverage will cover that cost for you.

What is the Cost of Mobile Home Insurance?

Before you look for cheap insurance policy, it is important to know your needs first. How safe is your mobile community? Is the city you live in prone to storms, tornadoes and other extreme weather conditions? If you said yes to all of these, you need to obtain the highest coverage you can afford.

You need to compare online to find the best price that offers the maximum protection that you need. Ideally, you must obtain quotes from three different insurance companies just so you have an idea of what each can offer at a specific cost.

There are a few notable insurance companies operating in the state of Kentucky so you can easily find a reputable company to protect your home.

Manufactured Home Insurance Companies Near Me

Best Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Kentucky

Jasper Mobile Home Insurance

2820 US-27, Somerset, KY 42501

(606) 678-5432

No website found

Western Kentucky Insurance

304 S 6th St, Mayfield, KY 42066

(270) 247-2582

Northern Kentucky Home Insurance Company

102 Washington St, Alexandria, KY 41001

(859) 635-2500

Louisville Kentucky Insurance

6801 Dixie Hwy Unit 237, Louisville, KY 40258

(502) 447-3711

London Insurance Agency

309 N Broad St, London, KY 40741

(606) 864-5152

Family Select Insurance

6409 New Dutchmans Pkwy, Louisville, KY 40205

(502) 454-7283

Winchester Insurance

41 S Main St, Winchester, KY 40391

(859) 744-2200

Nationwide Insurance: James R Justice Ii & Associates Inc.

5087 KY-1428, Allen City, KY 41601

(606) 874-2162