Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes Maryland

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If you're shopping for cheap mobile home insurance in Maryland, you've come to the right place. Mobile home is a broad term used to refer to homes that are manufactured off-site and then delivered to a particular location. Trailer homes are one of the most common examples of them. They are also called as such since there is an option to move them to another location.

In Maryland, there are approximately more than 23,000 of these homes serving as primary residence for homeowners. In fact, mobile homes make up 3% of new homes built in the state. It is growing in popularity and many residents in Maryland appreciate the flexibility that this type of housing offers - not to mention it is more affordable. But even while they are cheap in terms of price, they should still be protected - after all, it is your home. Use the information available here to help you compare online and find the best insurance rates for your mobile home.

Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

What coverage to look for in a mobile home insurance?

Not all mobile home insurance policies are created the same. However, you need not lose sight of the primary intent for buying insurance in the first place - to offer protection to your mobile home. When comparing rates and in your quest to find a cheap policy, here is a list of the coverage you need:

  • Property Damage - An average mobile home insurance coverage will include this type of protection so you can repair or replace it in the event of fire, vandalism, or natural disasters.
  • Liability - It will provide financial protection and protection against lawsuits when your mobile home causes injury to someone. It will cover the medical and legal fees of your liability.
  • Contents - This coverage will offer protection from any items of value that are lost or damaged in your mobile home.
  • Flood insurance - It is important to check with your insurance provider if this is included in your policy. Otherwise, make sure to purchase it separately.
Cheap Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

Factors affecting the cost of mobile home insurance

If you want to save and buy cheap mobile home insurance, it is important to know that insurance companies will be using a set of criteria when giving you quotes. The criteria are what will help them assess the level of risk and the corresponding rates to give on your insurance premium.

The first factor is the make and model of the mobile home. Obviously, the more expensive mobile homes cost more to insure. At the same time, older mobile homes are at a risk of more damage from various natural disturbances. These factors play a huge role in determining the cost of your insurance policy.

Some insurance companies will conduct an inspection of the mobile home to assess the electrical and plumbing systems. The presence of a security system such as CCTVs and the like can also impact your insurance quotes. Finally, the location of the mobile home can also be a factor. Areas in Maryland that have a history of burglary and theft will have you paying more for insurance (versus safer mobile home communities).

There are several companies offering discounts to help you get your insurance at a cheap cost. Check if you qualify for any of these discounts when you do a comparison online.

Manufactured Home Insurance Companies Near Me

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9030 Red Branch Rd #110, Columbia, MD 21045

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