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New York Life

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American Income Life: Fisher Agencies

12 Atlantic Pl, 04106

(207) 536-0074

Sarah Curley, Insurance Agent | Comparion Insurance Agency

600 Sable Oaks Dr Ste 120, 04106

(207) 482-2167

American Income Life: Arias Agencies

16 Casco St Floor 2, 04101

(412) 235-2385

Met Life

999 Forest Ave #6, 04103

(207) 772-1971

Marsh Agency

560 Brighton Ave, 04102

(207) 772-2818

Compare Life Insurance Policies in Portland ME

Do you need life insurance in Portland, ME? In Maine, it is not mandatory for employers to provide life insurance coverage for their employees. However, Maine state law does require that employers must provide coverage if they offer a group life insurance policy to their employees. If an employer offers life insurance, they must provide coverage to all employees who work at least 20 hours per week. Employees are not required to pay premiums for this coverage, and the employer may choose to pay the entire premium or split the cost with the employee.

Maine also has a few laws in place that protect employees from being denied life insurance coverage based on their health status. For example, an insurer cannot refuse to issue a policy or rider to an employee simply because they have a pre-existing medical condition. And, an insurer cannot cancel or refuse to renew a policy simply because the employee has developed a health condition since the policy was first issued.

If you have any questions about life insurance laws in Portland, ME, or if you need help getting coverage, contact the Maine Bureau of Insurance at 207-624-8475.

life insurance companies Portland ME

Term Life Insurance in Portland, ME

Maine is a great state for term life insurance. This is because the state has very few regulations in place regarding life insurance, which gives insurers a lot of freedom when it comes to setting rates and underwriting policies. As a result, you can find some very competitive rates on term life insurance in Maine.

The best way to find the lowest rate on term life insurance is to compare quotes from multiple insurers. Use an online life insurance quoting tool like the one below to get started.

Whole Life Insurance in Maine

Maine is a great place to live, and if you're looking for whole life insurance, it's a great place to start your search. There are many different companies that offer whole life insurance in Maine, and each has its own unique benefits and features.

life insurance companies Portland ME

When you're considering whole life insurance in Maine, it's important to compare the different options and find the right policy for your needs. Here are some things to keep in mind when you're shopping for whole life insurance in Maine:

 Maine Life Insurance Resources

Here are some helpful resources if you're looking for more information about life insurance in Portland, ME:

  • Maine Bureau of Insurance: The Maine Bureau of Insurance is the state agency that regulates the insurance industry in Maine. You can contact the Maine Bureau of Insurance at 207-624-8475.
  • Maine Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association: The Maine Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association provides protection for policyholders in the event that their life insurance company becomes insolvent. You can contact the Maine Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association at 207-874-3456.
  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is a national organization that represents state insurance regulators. You can contact the National Association of Insurance Commissioners at 816-783-8300.

Medical Exam vs No Medical Exam Maine Life Insurance

If you're considering Maine life insurance, you may be wondering if you need to take a medical exam. The answer to this question depends on the type of policy you're interested in.

Term life insurance does not require a medical exam, so if you're interested in this type of policy, you can get coverage without having to go through a medical exam. However, whole life insurance does require a medical exam. This is because whole life insurance is a permanent policy, and the insurer will need to know your health history in order to determine your rates and whether or not you're eligible for coverage.

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