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Roger Ward North American Moving & Storage

515 46th Ave NW #5, 58703

(701) 852-3614

AAction Movers

126 36th Ave NE, 58703

(701) 852-3128

Hanson-Maves Co

315 20th Ave SE, 58701

(701) 852-1055

Jobbers Moving & Storage

4400 N Broadway, 58703

(701) 837-1111

D & K Packing LLC


(701) 852-5269

No website found

Flash Moving Service

5220 N Broadway Unit 9, 58703

No phone number found

Best Storage Units in Minot ND Near Me

Souris River Storage

4000 11th Ave SE, 58701

(701) 833-5362

KO Storage of Minot - South

1908 Hiawatha St SE, 58701

(701) 212-4407

KO Storage

3500 N Broadway, 58703

(701) 205-4693


3721 4 E Burdick Expy E Suite, 58701

(701) 838-3141

Pure Storage

1520 US-2, 58701

(701) 852-7873

S & J Mini Storage

1200 32nd Ave SW #307, 58701

(701) 852-8583

No website found

Moving to Minot ND

Minot, North Dakota is a great place to move to! The state is full of opportunity, and there are plenty of moving tips to make the process go smoothly.

cheap movers Minot ND
  • One North Dakota moving tip is to start your search for a new home early. This will give you time to find the perfect place in Minot for you and your family.
  • Another North Dakota moving tip is to downsize your belongings before you move. This will save you money on moving costs and make the process easier.
  • Finally, another North Dakota moving tip is to be prepared for the weather changes. The state can experience extreme temperatures, so it’s important to pack accordingly.

By following these Minot moving tips, you’ll be sure to have a successful move!

North Dakota Cost of Living:

North Dakota's cost of living is very affordable. The median home price in North Dakota is $132,000, and the median rent is $850. The cost of living in North Dakota is 6% cheaper than the national average.

affordable movers Minot ND

North Dakota Weather:

North Dakota experiences all four seasons. The average summer temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average winter temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit. North Dakota also receives a fair amount of precipitation, so it’s important to be prepared for rain or snow.

North Dakota Taxes:

North Dakota has a state sales tax of 5%, and the average property tax rate is 1.19%. North Dakota does not have an income tax.

North Dakota Education:

North Dakota offers a variety of educational opportunities. The state has several colleges and universities, as well as many public and private schools. Minot, North Dakota also has a number of vocational and technical schools.

North Dakota Economy:

North Dakota’s economy is booming! The state’s unemployment rate is just 2.5%, and the average salary is $50,000. North Dakota is also home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, such as Walmart, Target, and Microsoft.

North Dakota Crime Rate:

North Dakota is an extremely safe state to live in. The property crime rate is 2.91 per 1,000 people (below the national average of 4.49). While the overall crime rate has gone up, it is still lower than most other US states.

North Dakota Transportation

All counties in North Dakota are serviced by a transit system 3-5 days per week. The rural public transit is also affordable, which makes it ideal for low-income or single-income families.

North Dakota Attractions

North Dakota is home to many attractions and recreational opportunities. It is known for rugged badlands, woodlands, and water features. Indeed, expect to spend most of your time outdoors when living in North Dakota.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of the top attractions in North Dakota. You can also check out other must-see attractions such as the North Dakota Heritage Center, the Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, and Lake Sakakawea.

Is North Dakota a Good Place to Retire?

Yes, North Dakota is one of the best states to retire in. It is a tax-friendly destination for retirees and the climate is moderate year-round. The average retirement spending is also lower than most US states. The city of Fargo is highly recommended for retirees.

Explore and compare with other cities in your state: 1, 2, 3, 4.

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