Cheap Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance Quotes in Tennessee

Finding the right commercial auto insurance policy in Tennessee is easier said than done. There are numerous factors to look into so you can determine if you have enough coverage to protect your business from financial risks. The rates will also vary from one insurance company to another.

Commercial auto insurance policy is suitable for businesses across all industries. They can benefit these professions or businesses: caterers, HVAC technicians, delivery drivers, cleaning services, movers, auto mechanics, food trucks, and more.

Cheap Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance Quotes

How much does your Tennessee commercial auto insurance cost?

The cost of your Tennessee commercial auto insurance policy will be determined by a number of factors. Among the factors that will affect the cost is the liability limits you have selected for the policy, as well as the type of vehicle, and driving record of your designated driver.

The location of your business is also another crucial factor. Driving your business vehicle in big cities like Nashville or Memphis will be significantly higher to insure than if you were operating it in smaller cities like Johnson City. The cost of insuring vehicles with a rural route does not mean it is cheap either. There are crash statistics reports that more fatal crashes could take place in rural roads.

If you want to lower the cost of your Tennessee commercial auto insurance, focus on those factors that you can control. For example, choose a driver with good record and always maintain your vehicle to keep it in good running condition.

Cheap Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance Quotes

How much coverage do you need?

When buying commercial auto insurance for your business, it is important to note of the state’s minimum coverage requirements. This will guarantee that you have adequate protection in the events of accidents or injuries.

In Tennessee, the minimum liability coverage limit for property damage is $15,000 per accident. Meanwhile, if one person is injured, the coverage needed is at least $25,000 per person (or $50,000 per accident for multiple injuries).

For othere states, make sure to check the requirements by state.

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Best Commercial Auto & Truck Insurance Companies

Classic Truck Insurance

2005 Ailor Ave, Knoxville, TN 37921

(888) 498-0255

Merit Insurance of Tennessee, Inc

14625 Lebanon Rd STE D, Old Hickory, TN 37138

(615) 754-6374

Truck Insurance by State & Co

4235 Hillsboro Pike Suite 300, Nashville, TN 37215

(980) 475-8075

Danny Snyder Insurance

405 2 Mile Pike, Goodlettsville, TN 37072

(615) 859-0600

Mid South Truckers Group, Inc.

2670 Union Ave, Memphis, TN 38112

(888) 321-1015

Knoxville Insurance Group

220 S Peters Rd #103, Knoxville, TN 37923

(865) 694-9788

National Truck Underwriting

5738 Nanjack Cir # 202, Memphis, TN 38115

(901) 375-4009

Bradley Insurance Agency

5210 Schubert Rd, Knoxville, TN 37912

(865) 281-7722