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SR22 insurance in the state of Alabama is a financial responsibility certificate that proves a high-risk driver owns the required coverage for car insurance per state laws. Usually, SR22 insurance inflates your annual auto insurance payment by $1,120 on average in Alabama.

Additionally, a small fee in the range of $15 to $35 is charged by the insurer who files the SR22 documentation.

Under Alabama law, your SR-22 policy must be active for at least three to five years. If your insurance coverage fails during this period, your auto insurer is mandated by law to report your case to the state. This means the initial three-year duration will reset, and you will have to start the entire process again, including paying the filing fees for a second time.

SR22 insurance
SR22 insurance

SR-22 insurance limits in Alabama

The function of SR-22 insurance in Alabama is to prove to the state that you own the minimum required liability insurance if you are involved in an accident while driving.

Below, we have highlighted the amount required by law as minimum coverage.

$25k for physical injury per person – This is the coverage for any long-lasting or permanent injury that the victim sustains in the accident while you were at the wheel.

$50k for physical injury per accident – A maximum payout of $50,000 must be paid to and equally divided among the accident victims. If you get sued by any of the victims, your insurer will provide legal representation in court to settle any issues that resulted from the accident.

$25k for property damage in the accident – This is coverage for the opposing driver involved in the accident. If you get into an accident, your auto insurance company will foot the bill up to the $25,000 mark. Any payout required after the $25k mark will have to come from your funds.

When you get a DUI citation, you are required to file an SR-22 in Alabama spanning five years. If you keep your record clean, the state might be inclined to reduce your sentence to three years as long your auto insurance is up to fate for that duration.

Failure to pay on your policy will cause your SR-22 policy to be rescinded. Your auto insurer will be required to file an SR-26 with the Department of Motor Vehicles, while the state will revoke your driver's license until you file a new SR-22 form. We advise you to make timely payments and renew your insurance before its expiry date.

Missing out on a payment or failing to renew your SR-22 policy will reset the clock, and you will have to begin from scratch.

Who Needs SR-22 Insurance?

Reckless Driving

DUI/DWI violation

Driving Uninsured

Say your driver's license has been rescinded or suspended due to any of the offenses listed below, for if you committed any of these infractions, Alabama state law mandates you to file an SR-22 insurance form before your driving privileges can be returned.

Types of SR-22 Insurance in Alabama

Two main types of SR-22 auto insurance are available in Alabama. These are owner SR-22 and non-owner SR-22 policy. The former is for registered car drivers, while the latter serves as coverage for drivers who don’t own a car.

Even if you’re not a registered car owner, it is still compulsory to get insurance if your driver’s license has been rescinded. Your only option is non-owners insurance if you want to get your license restored and secure SR-22 coverage if you regularly drive a car owned by someone else.

If you often borrow your car from someone uninsured, or you're guilty of doing this yourself as an insured driver, your driver’s license will be suspended if you are caught behind the wheels. If this happens, you will be mandated to carry SR-22 insurance on your person for a stipulated period.

Alabama SR-22 Insurance Cost

Generally, Alabama SR-22 insurance is a tad costly. This isn’t inherently due to the cost of the SR-22 certificate alone, but rather the insurance premium rates triggered by the violation that required the SR-22.

Auto insurers bill high-risk drivers more than the average rates to cover the significant possibility of an accident. The inflated rates depend on the driving history and the number of violations on your record.

DUI Insurance Alabama Rates Near Me

Cheap SR22 Car Insurance Alabama

Getting an SR-22 in Alabama

Drivers With Active Insurance
If you're already insured, purchasing an SR-22 certificate is relatively easy. Call your auto insurance company, ask for an SR-22 policy to be filed on your behalf. That’s it. If your insurer refuses this request, feel free to switch companies.

Drivers Without Insurance
Insurers are likely to charge extra if you apply for a new SR-22 policy as an uninsured driver. Ask your auto insurance company to file for the policy as coverage for your high-risk driving profile. Many auto insurers may refuse to provide other insurance forms if you have an SR-22 policy on your insurance portfolio.

Not A Vehicle Owner If you don't own a car, getting the SR-22 might be a little more complicated than the average driver. You will be mandated to submit proof of insurance to get the certificate. It would help if you had a non-owner SR-22 policy before you apply for SR-22 insurance.

Non-owners insurance is not as costly as regular coverage since it doesn’t provide coverage if your vehicle gets damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much is sr22 insurance in Alabama?
  • Currently, the average rate for SR-22 insurance in Alabama is about $1,123. This is an increase of 76% compared to the average car insurance rate in the state.

    SR22 insurance

  • Can you get rid of an sr22?
  • To get rid of SR-22 insurance, contact your local DMV to confirm that you no longer require the policy. Then you can call or email your insurance provider to cancel your filing.

  • How much is an sr22 per month?
  • If you have a DUI charge on your record, SR22 insurance in Alabama can cost as much as $252 per month. This is the average rate based on our rate analysis. This price doesn't include the charges for processing the SR-22 form.

  • How long do you have to carry an sr22 in Alabama?
  • Alabama law states that your SR-22 policy must be active for at least three to five years. If your insurance coverage fails during this period, your auto insurer is mandated by law to report your case to the state.

  • Can you drive someone else's car with sr22
  • You are allowed to commandeer a vehicle you don't own as long as you have the SR-22 certificate, which will be listed with the DMV, allowing you to legally drive on Alaska roads without fear of tainting your driving record.

  • How do you know when your sr22 is over?
  • Call your state DMV to confirm the duration for which you are expected to own an SR-22. The majority of US states mandate 36 months. Note that the SR-22 policy will not expire on its own after the stipulated period elapses. You have to contact your insurer to remove it from your portfolio.

  • Do I need sr22 if I have insurance?
  • If you aren’t a car owner, you may still need both the SR-22 policy and certificate. If you drive a borrowed car or rental and cause an accident, you may still be held responsible for property damage and physical injury claims.

  • What happens if you don't pay sr22?
  • If the court mandates you to maintain SR-22 insurance for a specific period and it passes, this shows you have failed to deliver the ordered payments. This will inevitably attract penalties and fines. If the state deems it, you will also have to pay a second fee to reinstate your license by the DMV.

  • Can you get an sr22 with a suspended license?
  • The state DMV requires you to obtain an SR-22 certificate if you have a suspended license. This document is commonly called the Certificate of Financial Responsibility. It proves that you have the minimum CSR insurance coverage required by law to reinstate your driving privileges.

  • How much does an sr22 increase your insurance rate?
  • SR-22 insurance can cause an increment of up to 89% on average if you have a DUI on your record. That translates to about $1300 per year. This is because auto insurers will website you purchase comprehensive coverage to fulfill government-stipulated insurance requirements.