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SR-22 insurance in the state of Arkansas is a policy that guarantees financial responsibility on behalf of a car owner or the driver. Drivers who apply for an Arkansas SR-22 form must understand that this certificate is an essential form that shows you can be held liable for coverage if you cause an accident.

Auto insurers usually file this form on behalf of drivers operating under Arkansas DMV jurisdiction.

Securing less expensive coverage with Arkansas SR-22 insurance is quite a hassle but worth it. In this post, we explore the cost of SR-22 insurance, who needs it, and how to purchase the nest SR-22 policy for yourself.

SR22 insurance
SR22 insurance

Failure to fulfill your financial responsibility obligations can cause your auto insurer to file an SR-26 form with the state asking for your portfolio to be canceled. This will inadvertently result in your license getting suspended, and the duration for which you're expected to own SR-22 insurance will start from zero.

If you have been informed that your driving rights have been rescinded until you apply for an SR-22, you will have to prove your financial responsibility for a minimum of 36 months.

Suppose you again fail to maintain the SR-22 insurance without fault during this period. In that case, an SR-24 will be filed to prove financial negligence, which means your driver's license and registration will be suspended indefinitely until you present proof of financial responsibility.

To rectify this, you have to purchase an Arkansas SR-22 insurance, which you will file until the duration expires.

Note that the most significant inflation factor for your car insurance rate is an AR DUI.

SR-22 cost in Arkansas

Auto insurance for SR-22 in Arkansas can be quite steep. While the filing fee typically ranges from $15 - $40, the rate is inflated because of the violation that caused the SR-22 request in the first place.

Auto insurers bill high-risk drivers more to cover the risk associated with the claim to a payout when an accident occurs. The uptick in price is mainly dependent on the severity and number of previous violations.

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Cheap SR22 Car Insurance Arkansas

Two Types of Arkansas SR22 Forms

There are two major types of Arkansas SR-22 forms – the operator's certificate and the owner's certificate. The former serves as coverage for drivers who don’t own a car, while the latter applies to drivers that own a vehicle.

How an SR-22 Affects your Rates in Arkansas

Due to the driver having a tainted driving history, don’t expect the best rates for coverage. Having said this, it is smart to compare rates for SR-22 insurance policies in Arkansas, including additional filing fees. In a case where you require the SR-22 to be filed urgently, the cost will likely be inflated.

Limitations of SR-22 Coverage

A common occurrence regarding the SR-22 policy is that there are often terms and conditions that prohibit the level of coverage. In a case where you are involved in a collision during the commission of a crime – a crime in this scenario includes drunk driving or driving uninsured – your insurer may deny you coverage.

Additionally, there is a set limit for third-party coverages, so if the vehicle is used to commit a crime, expect to receive the minimum penalty duration mandated by the state.

Once the duration for owing SR-22 insurance has elapsed, you can be more flexible with the type of insurance policy you purchase since auto insurance companies will offer you juicy rates. Additionally, you will not be charged for processing the cancellation document.

Why Would I Need to File an SR-22?

Too Many Negative Points

DUI conviction

Driving Uninsured

You may need an SR-22 in the state of Arkansas if your license has been rescinded due to:

If the behavior persists and the points against totals 14 points, an appointment will be set to discuss if the driver can hold on to their license subject to an administrative hearing.

During your court appointment, you may be required to complete a Drivers Improvement Program that will cost you 3 points from your license and often leads to suspension. Sometimes, zero action is taken by the court. Other times, the court might mandate you to be placed on probation and set specific sanctions if you are found guilty of driving violations in the future.

The presiding officer can deem it fit to include additional restrictions on your license, such as the ability to only drive to and from school or your place of business. Alternatively, the law may ask for your license to be revoked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can you get rid of an sr22?
  • Before removing the SR22 policy from your portfolio, reach out to the DMV to confirm that you are free to move about without an SR-22 certificate. Afterward, call your auto insurer and ask that they stop filing your SR-22 policy to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    SR22 insurance

  • How long do you have to have an sr22 in Arkansas?
  • The minimum duration for owning an SR-22 policy in Arkansas is 36 months continuously. Drivers must maintain the policy for this period without letting it elapse.

  • How much is an sr22 per month?
  • SR-22 policy with a DUI conviction on your record will cost upwards of $230 per month, or $2,760 every year. This is the average rate based on our expert analysis. Furthermore, auto insurers charge a processing fee for filing the form.

  • How does an sr22 bond work?
  • SR-22 bond is the least required liability insurance that offers coverage only to the driver named on the policy. To activate this SR-22 bond, your insurer will file the policy with the Ohio BMV. This is mostly implemented electronically, and you can expect the receipt of payment within 72 hours of filing the bond.

  • Can I drive someone else's car with sr22?
  • You can only do this if you purchase the non-owner SR-22 insurance. This will allow you to commandeer any car that is not yours. As soon as you buy the certificate, your filing will be reported to the Arkansas DMV to confirm that you are free to drive legally on Arkansas roads without fear of tainting your driving record.

  • Do I need sr22 and regular insurance?
  • SR-22 insurance is technically not an insurance policy. Instead, it serves as an insurance monitoring system used by any state to track every driver's degree of responsibility. If you fail to fulfill the set requirements for SR-22 insurance, your driver's license and registration risk being suspended until you abide by the laws mandated by the court.

  • What happens if you don't get sr22 insurance?
  • In cases where you are mandated by the court to maintain SR-22 insurance, but you fail to, which implies you forfeited the stipulated payments required to maintain accident coverage, you may face hefty fines. If this occurs, your auto insurer is required by state law to report to the DMV.

  • Do I need an sr22 If I am not a driver?
  • If you don’t drive or own a car, you have to buy a non-owner SR-22 policy. SR-22 insurance is a certificate that tells the state that you possess the minimum legal liability coverage to reinstate your driver's license.

  • How can I get an sr22 without a car?
  • Drivers that don’t own a vehicle but are mandated to purchase an SR-22 can buy the non-owner policy to fulfill court mandates. The non-owners policy provides the same coverage level as standard auto insurance without the specificity to a particular vehicle.

  • Is sr22 a one-time fee?
  • Auto insurers usually request a one-time filing fee of $25, which is all the SR-22 form will fetch you. Coverage is paid monthly for a set duration mandated by the court.