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SR-22 insurance is only needed in Connecticut by drivers who have their licenses rescinded due to a legal infraction, often a DUI violation. Drivers are mandated to file for SR-22 insurance before they can have their license reinstated.

Connecticut SR-22 insurance is a form that proves an individual owns the least amount of coverage required in the state. In Connecticut, this translates to $25,000 for property damage liability and personal liability coverage each and $50,000 for personal liability maximum.

SR22 insurance
SR22 insurance

Suppose you do not possess this minimum liability coverage. In that case, you may face heavy penalties from your local DMV, and failure to own insurance for the stipulated period will lead to your driving privileges getting withheld. Sometimes this is called PLPD auto insurance coverage.

SR-22 Insurance in Connecticut is not the same as the regular proof-of-insurance documents that your auto insurance company provides. However, they serve identical purposes, which is a way for the State of Connecticut to monitor your insurance policies.

It is mandatory to carry the SR-22 insurance document with you at all times, similar to regular car insurance. Additionally, you must file the SR-22 as part of your insurance portfolio to the DMV.

Connecticut SR-22 Insurance Cost

The cost of SR-22 in Connecticut is on the high side. At the same time, this is not because of the SR-22 itself but a result of regular insurance rates that accompany the filing of SR-22 insurance. The SR-22 form itself costs between $15 to $40.

DUI Insurance Connecticut Rates Near Me

Cheap SR22 Car Insurance Connecticut

Auto insurers charge higher premiums to cover the increased risk you pose as a driver. The rate you're billed depends on the number of your vehicular violations and the severity. Typically, SR-22 grants property damage coverage to the owner or the individual behind the wheel at the time of the accident.

If the owner or a family member driving gets injured in an accident, your auto insurer will cover the cost of damages up to the $25,000 mark. Any additional cost will come out of your pocket.

Who in Connecticut needs SR22 insurance?

Too Many Tickets

DUI/DWI violation

Suspended License

It is mandatory for all drivers who have a suspended license in Connecticut to file for SR-22 insurance before they can have their licenses restored. High-risk drivers are also mandated to apply for Connecticut SR-22 insurance. High-risk drivers have a history of being ticketed for not owning/carrying minimum liability coverage.

Drivers who don't own an SR-22 certificate are also required by law to file for SR-22 insurance.

Two Types of Connecticut SR22 Insurance Forms

SR-22 insurance forms fall into two categories under Connecticut law. They are namely: owners SR-22 policy and non-owner SR-22 policy. Vehicle owners are expected to apply for the former, as the name suggests, while drivers who don't own a vehicle go for the latter.

Non-owners SR-22 policy is for drivers that don’t own a vehicle and proves to the state that they have the minimum coverage for any vehicle they commandeer.Related:Cheap no money down auto insurance

How do I file an SR-22 in Connecticut?

Currently insured

Getting an SR-22 policy is a straightforward process for drivers who have car insurance. You can call your auto insurer and have them file for SR-22 on your behalf. If your car insurance firm fails to accept an SR-22 filing, it is time to switch auto insurers.

If you don't have insurance

You will be charged higher when filing for a new SR-22 policy if you are insured. This is the insurance company’s way of covering for your subpar insurance profile. Some companies may disqualify you from accessing certain insurance packages when you file for SR-22 certification, while others would gladly take you on.

If you aren't a vehicle owner

It is considerably harder to purchase SR-22 insurance when you are not a vehicle owner since you will be required to present proof before you are awarded the certificate. If you find yourself in such a situation, first apply for non-owners policy before filing for SR-22.

This coverage is less expensive than stardom coverage, although it doesn't offer coverage if the vehicle you’re driving gets damaged in an accident.

Failing to Maintain SR-22 coverage

If you fail to maintain SR-22 coverage at any point during your stipulated probation period, your auto insurer will contact the state or your local DMV to inform them you’re uninsured. If this happens, you will be granted a brief period of respite to present proof of insurance.

Otherwise, your probation period will reset, and you will have to start from scratch as well as pay legal fines.

Driving Under the Influence on Connecticut Roads

It is a grievous crime to drive while high on drugs or alcohol in Connecticut, and such behavior attracts severe consequences. If you are flagged during a traffic stop, two cases will be filed against you. The first is a hearing with DMV to decide if your license will be revoked for failing a breathalyzer test or even refusing to take one.

The second case you will face involves delinquent charges to determine if you broke the law or not.

Operating under the influence attracts penalties such as:

- A minimum fine of $500

- Two days in jail and four days of public service

- Mandatory IID installation

Connecticut IID Installation Requirements

If found guilty of driving under the influence of liquor or narcotics, Connecticut law states that you must install an IID. This device provides drivers with the opportunity to have their license restored incumbent on giving evidence of IID installation.

If you wish to resonate your driving privileges, file an application to the DMV, call a state-approved IID retailer, and apply for one. The standard charge is $275 ($150 for restoration and $100 for IID application).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much is an sr22 per month?
  • The price of SR-22 depends on the auto insurer. It varies based on their requirements. However, the average cost floats between $300 and $800, depending on your driving history. Additionally, you will be charged a processing fee.

    SR22 insurance

  • How long do you need sr22 in Connecticut?
  • Auto insurers in Connecticut are mandated to apply for SR-22 insurance with the state as proof that high-risk drivers possess the minimum required coverage of car insurance as required by the state. This coverage must be maintained for at least three years.

  • Does sr22 go away?
  • In Connecticut, SR-22 must be on file for three years to reinstate your driving privileges. When the probation period ends, you can remove the certificate from your record. The removal process is simple, and you only need to contact the DMV or auto insurer to cancel your filing.

  • How much does sr22 insurance cost in Connecticut?
  • SR-22 Insurance in Connecticut is expensive because of the effect of insurance rates on the initial filing fee, which is just $15- $35. The insurance rate depends on the driver's history and the infraction that prompted you to file for SR-22.

  • How do you get sr22 removed?
  • Before removing your SR-22 policy, call your local DMV to confirm that the certificate is no longer needed. Once you receive confirmation, you can contact your auto insurance company to cancel your filing and delete the SR-22 policy from your profile.

  • How long do you have to keep SR 22 insurance?
  • The duration for which you have to own SR-22 insurance is based on a state-by-state basis. Usually, most states require a minimum of 3 years, but it can be up to 5 years in rare cases. It is important to note that your auto insurer is mandated by law to contact the state if you skip a monthly payment or cancel your filing before the set duration is up. If the state is notified, you will have your license suspended.

  • Can you drive someone else's car with sr22?
  • Drivers who want to operate a car they don’t own have to purchase non-owners insurance. This certificate will be reported to the DMV, which allows you to drive without fear of further accumulating infractions on your record.

  • How do you know when your sr22 is over?
  • To confirm if the duration to own SR-22 has elapsed, call your state’s DMV to inquire about the course of your probation period. Most states cited three years as the minimum length of time. Note that your SR-22 will not automatically get deleted from your profile until you inform your insurer to stop filing it.

  • When can I get off sr22?
  • If you are a driver operating in Connecticut, you can only remove the SR-22 insurance when the required coverage period has elapsed. The DMV may or may not send you a notice to inform you that the SR-22 probation period has elapsed.

  • Do I need an sr22 if I don't drive?
  • You need non-owners SR-22 Insurance if you don't drive or own a vehicle. This policy proves your financial responsibility standing with the state. It is a state-sanctioned policy that proves you have the minimum coverage needed to reinstate your driver's license.