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SR-22 insurance certificate is a document filed by auto insurance companies in Idaho. This certificate serves as evidence of financial responsibility for every driver operating in the state of Idaho. If you have had your license suspended, this document helps you get your driving privileges reinstated and restore your driver's license.

It is quite popular in the insurance industry. It is often triggered when a driver gets booked for a vehicular infraction, such as driving uninsured, driving under the influence, driving with a suspended driver's license, causing a collision, or accumulating negative license points.

SR22 insurance
SR22 insurance

Although it is quite tasking to search for the best Idaho SR-22 insurance, it is definitely worth the hassle. Picking the right insurance company can contribute immensely to the maintenance of your certificate. It would help if you had an insurer who will constantly keep you on your best behavior and remind you of payment dates to not elapse your SR-22 insurance period.

Drivers Who Need Idaho SR22 Insurance

Accumulating Negative Points

DUI/DWI violation

Driving Uninsured

SR-22 insurance is different from standard auto insurance, and it is more of add-on coverage. When you purchase SR-22 insurance, your auto insurer will file the document with your local DMV. This filing process guarantees you're covered if you get into an accident.

You can file for Idaho SR-22 insurance for two sets of policies:

Owner's Policy: This is the typical car insurance policy that provides coverage for a driver and their car backed by SR-22 financial responsibility approval.

Operator Policy: This type of insurance policy offers coverage to a driver and any vehicle they drive. You do not have to be a car owner to purchase a non-owners insurance policy. It is not as expensive as traditional insurance, and it still satisfies all SR-22 requirements.

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Cheap SR22 Car Insurance Idaho

Filing For SR-22 Certificate in Idaho

To kickstart this process, start by calling your current auto insurance company. If you are currently uninsured, shop around for a provider that can file an SR-22 request for you with the Idaho DMV. If you have existing car insurance, notify your agent to file form SR-22 with the Idaho DOT.

While most insurers offer this service, if your auto insurer cannot grant this request, you need to find an insurance company that has the capability to.

Next, pay the processing fee, which your insurer will charge for sending the SR-22 request. Idaho state law states that your minimum liability coverage must have certain limits. Hence, it is important to confirm that your policy provides:

- $15,000 for damaged property.

- $50,000 for mortal injury of two or more persons

- $25,000 for physical injury or mortal injury

After checking these boxes, your auto insurer can electronically file your SR-22 request to the Idaho transportation department. This will serve as proof that you're qualified to drive on the state.

Getting Idaho SR-22 Insurance Based On Insurance Status

Drivers With Insurance

It is quite easy to file for and acquire an SR-22 certificate if you're currently insured. Reach out to your car insurer and request an SR-22 filing to be sent to the Idaho Transportation Department. Usually, this request should be approved by your insurer. If it is not, switch insurers immediately.

Drivers Without Insurance

Uninsured drivers will have a bit of a tough time purchasing SR-22 insurance and may need to pay extra charges due to their high-risk status. If SR-22 insurance is on your policy, you may not qualify for other insurance, but you can expect to find an auto insurer willing to take you on.

Drivers That Don't Own A Vehicle

If you don't own a car, applying for SR-22 insurance will be tough since you need to present proof of insurance before you are awarded the certificate. Purchase non-owner auto insurance instead, which is considerably cheaper than the average policy, although it doesn't offer coverage for your car.

Maintaining Idaho SR-22 Insurance Policy

Your term's duration depends on the reason you were asked to file for SR-22 insurance by the state. If you had your license rescinded for failing to present proof of financial responsibility, you might be looking at a period of 36 months.

Maintaining insurance is a continuous effort, and any lapse in the timeframe will cost you your license, a second processing fee, and reset your term clock to zero.

You might wonder what happens if your SR-22 insurance elapses during those 36 months. Well, your auto insurer is mandated by law to inform the Idaho Transportation Department that you have canceled your SR-22 insurance.

Once the Idaho TD receives that report, your license will be automatically suspended, and your maintenance period will reverse back to zero.

Say you typically send late payments, and your insurance company cancels your coverage 20 months into your 36 months term. You will have to start from the first month again instead of completing the remaining 16 months.

If you maintain your SR-22 insurance continuously for three years without defaulting on your payments, you can safely remove SR-22 from your portfolio. However, be sure to contact the Idaho Transportation Department to confirm that you have fulfilled all your obligations.

SR-22 insurance is mandatory if you want to have your license reinstated. If you own a vehicle or not, expect to pay a premium regardless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much is sr22 insurance in Idaho?
  • SR-22 insurance is not expensive in itself. In Idaho, the processing fee charged by auto insurers is between $15 to $40. However, insurance rates will be a lot higher due to the high-risk driving status of the driver.

    SR22 insurance

  • How long do you have to have an sr22 in Idaho?
  • The majority of the United States stipulates that SR-22 insurance must be maintained continuously for three years. The same applies to the state of Idaho. During this period, expect your insurance rates to spike. Idaho authorities use SR-22 insurance as a measuring stick to decide whether to restore a driver's license or not.

  • How much is an sr22 per month?
  • The monthly cost of SR-22 insurance is an addition to the processing fee and a premium rate based on your driving history. The average rate for a driver with SR-22 insurance with a DUI conviction is $230 every month. The processing fee charged is always somewhere around the $35 mark.

  • Can you get rid of an sr22?
  • You can get rid of the SR-22 driving whenever you're not driving from a technical perspective. However, for the duration of your term, you are expected to carry it at all times. After you have maintained SR-22 insurance for the stipulated period, your insurance company will inform the court that your term is up. Then, you can remove SR-22 from your insurance policy.

  • Can you drive someone else's car with sr22?
  • You can drive a vehicle you don't own when you get the SR-22 certificate. Once you file your SR-22 policy with the DMV, you can legally drive in that state without gaining negative license points or tainting your record.

  • Does an sr22 raise insurance?
  • Yes! Purchasing SR-22 insurance generally causes an increase of 5% to your insurance rate. Drivers with existing insurance and a clean record will be charged significantly lower than high-risk drivers who are not insured or have caused a collision.

    SR-22 serves as a guarantee by an auto insurer to the state, confirming that you possess the minimum liability coverage mandated by law. If you are found guilty of a driving infraction such as driving insured, a DUI conviction, or reckless driving, you must purchase SR-22 insurance.

    The premium attached to your policy is caused by your driving violation, not the actual cost of filing for SR-22.

  • What's the difference between sr22 and regular insurance?
  • Regular insurance keeps you in good standing with the state and shows that you have fulfilled the minimum liability requirements. SR-22, on the other hand, is an insurance monitoring system used by the state department of motor vehicles to identify drivers deemed as high-risk.

    If you fail to maintain SR-22 or, in some cases, FR-44, your driver's license will be suspended till you fulfill the state-mandated requirements.

  • What happens if you don't get sr22 insurance?
  • Failure to purchase SR-22 insurance when mandated by the court or failing to pay the stipulated monthly fees required to maintain coverage can attract a hefty penalty. In such cases, your auto insurance company will report your default to the state DMV. The state may decide to recommend jail time, suspend your license, or ask you to start your maintenance term from scratch.

  • Do I need an sr22 If I don't drive?
  • Individuals who do not drive need a non-owner SR-22 policy to prove financial responsibility with the Department of Motor Vehicles or State Transportation Department. SR-22 insurance is a state-required document that shows you possess the minimum legal liability coverage need to restore your driver's license.

  • Do I need sr22 and regular insurance?
  • If you don't own a vehicle, the state may ask you to purchase an SR-22 auto insurance policy and file an SR-22 certificate. Regular insurance makes the process easier. If you borrow a car and get involved in a collision, you may be held responsible for damaged property or physical injury. This is why SR-22 insurance is mandatory. Related: Buy Car Insurance Online Now