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If you are a driver in Indiana that has been found guilty of a driving infraction, such as driving under the influence or driving insured, you will be required to purchase SR-22 insurance coverage. This certificate proves that you own insurance to fulfill the minimum auto insurance requirements mandated by Indiana law.

Your auto insurance company will file the document with the local DMV, and this process costs about $35.

SR22 insurance
SR22 insurance

The cost of SR-22 insurance is higher than the standard auto insurance policies in Indiana. This is because auto insurers see drivers with an SR-22 requirement on their policy as high-risk. Therefore, they will be charged more.

Have you often wondered what SR means? It is a shortened name for "safety responsibility." If you have been charged with reckless driving, driving uninsured, driving under the influence, or similar infractions, your license will be suspended. The state requires drivers with a suspended license to carry SR-22 as evidence of insurance.

Drivers Who Need Indiana SR22 Insurance

Reckless Driving

DUI/DWI violation

Driving Uninsured

Indiana SR-22 insurance certificate must be maintained for a specific period after a vehicular infraction. Indiana law states that drivers may be required to maintain SR-22 insurance continuously for up to sixty months.

Suppose the driver refuses to issue the monthly payments stipulated by the court. In that case, the auto insurer will file an SR-26 form to inform the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles of this indiscretion.

Cost Of SR-22 Insurance In Indiana

Indiana SR-22 is not exactly cost-friendly. While SR-22 insurance itself only costs between $15 to $40, the monthly insurance rates will be quite high based on the violation that required the need for an SR-22 certificate.

Auto insurance firms bill high-risk drivers costlier rates based on the high possibility of having to issue a payout after an accident. The spike in the rates usually depends on the type and frequency of your driving violations.

We have highlighted the standard auto insurance rates for Indiana drivers with SR-22 insurance.

DUI Insurance Indiana Rates Near Me

Cheap SR22 Car Insurance Indiana

The only fee ordinarily attached to applying for SR-22 insurance is the processing fee required to file the form with the state DMV. This costs less than $50. However, SR-22 insurance remains more expensive than regular insurance due to the severity of your driving offense. A DUI charge is taken very seriously due to the risk it represents to other motorists.

On average, regular auto insurance costs $42 per month in the state of Indiana. However, minimum coverage SR-22 insurance with a DUI on record can inflate your rate by 50%, depending on your location and the insurance company.

If your regular insurance rate was $600, and you get convicted for a DUI, expect your new payment to cost as much as $900. Thus, SR-22 insurance has a significant impact on insurance rates.

To get the best value for money regarding insurance rates in Indiana, shop around and compare quotes from different insurance providers. The majority of insurance companies have different metrics for charging drivers.

Getting multiple quotes will help you identify the best fit for your pocket.

If you get lucky, you may qualify for certain discounts, which vary by provider. Some auto insurers may grant discounts based on the car model, while others might require you to complete a driving course to qualify.

Maintaining SR-22 Insurance Policy In Indiana

Indiana drivers are mandated to maintain SR-22 insurance for a minimum period of thirty-six months. This applies to drivers who have had their licenses suspended less than two times. Multiple license suspension will require you to maintain SR-22 insurance continuously for five years.

Auto insurers will update the Indiana DMV if you fail to renew your policy during this period or fail to pay on time.

Failure to maintain your SR-22 insurance continuously can result in rescinded driving privileges, exorbitant insurance fees, or a second reinstatement fee.

If you wish to avoid this type of scenario, renew your SR-22 insurance policy ahead of time before the next due date. Once you have successfully maintained the insurance for the stipulated period, call the Indiana BMV to confirm that BMV SR free to remove the SR-22 from your policy.

Indiana State Liability Limits For Auto Insurance

Minimum liability coverage encompasses property damage and physical injury claims resulting from a collision where you are the guilty party. The state of Indiana requires your policy to have a specific minimum amount set aside for these types of claims.

Your insurance company will provide a list of maximum payouts you are eligible for under each category for property damage and physical injury claims.

The ratio is usually $25,000 - $50,000 - $25,000.

  • $25,000 for physical injuries per person.
  • $50,000 for property damage per accident.
  • $25,000 for physical injury per accident.
  • If the claims exceed these amounts, you will have to pay from your pocket.

    Getting Indiana SR-22 Insurance Certificate

    If you want to have your SR-22 application approved, you will need to subscribe to a policy with one of your local auto insurance companies, who will file the form for you. Proof of insurance coverage can be given to you by a licensed insurance operator in the state.

    The process for filing for SR-22 insurance in Indiana is:

    Shop around for a qualified auto insurance company. Only licensed insurers can file SR-22 insurance with Indiana BMV. Inquire about your insurance company's qualifications and if they have the state's approval to file for SR-22 insurance on your behalf.

    Pay the processing fee. Your insurance agent will charge a standard filing fee of less than $50. If you want to restore your license, your insurer will charge a processing fee to file the SR-22 insurance with your local DMV.

    Get your auto insurance agent to submit the SR-22 form with the BMV. Your auto insurance company will submit a certificate of compliance with your local BMV. This form must be filed within three months of the state requesting proof of financial responsibility. If you fail to provide evidence, your driving privileges will be rescinded.

    Receive confirmation. After processing your SR-22 form, your insurance company and the Indiana BMV will send you a letter that confirms you have minimum liability coverage and legally allowed to drive in the state.

    If the state of Indiana has mandated you to maintain SR-22 insurance and you don't live in the state, you have the option of filing for an Out Of State Residency Affidavit that clears your SR-22 requirement. If you relocate back to Indiana during the three-year requirement period, you will have to file for SR-22 insurance and hold proof of insurance.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much does sr22 insurance cost in Indiana?
  • SR-22 insurance in Indiana costs $42 per month, which is a 33.41% increase over the regular insurance rate. The only fixed cost is the processing fee paid to file the form, and it is usually within the range of $15 to $40. The state's minimum liability limits determine the cost of the SR-22 certificate.

    SR22 insurance

  • How long do you have to have an sr22 in Indiana?
  • Suppose you have been mandated to maintain SR-22 insurance in Indiana. In that case, you must continuously file for the policy for at least three years – this only applies to first or second-time offenders. For more severe violators, the state may recommend a five-year term.

  • How much is an sr22 per month?
  • SR-22 policy often means you have a DUI conviction on your record. This makes you a high-risk driver, and our rate analysis shows that it will cost you about $230 every month. This totals to $2760 every year. Remember to factor in the processing fee for filing the form.

  • Does AAA have sr22 insurance?
  • AAA SR-22 insurance package is exclusive to its members. While other auto insurers charge a premium to provide SR-22 insurance coverage, AAA offers its customers a reasonable discount. Currently, AAA has more than fifteen discount options available to its members, making it the best insurance provider in Indiana. However, these discounts vary by location.

  • Does sr22 cover any car I drive?
  • There is a type of SR-22 insurance form that serves drivers who operate multiple vehicles. That is the non-owner policy. This policy grants you the ability to drive any car that you don't own as long as you have the certificate, and it has been filed with the DMV.

    You can drive legally with any car without fear of tainting your driving record.

  • Do I need an sr22 If I don't drive?
  • Yes, you do. Even if you don't drive, you may cause an accident, and that is why you need a non-owner SR-22 insurance policy to fulfill your financial responsibility obligations with the state.

  • How do I get my sr22 off my insurance?
  • You can remove the SR-22 from your policy when your term ends. All you need to do is call the Department of Motor Vehicles to cancel the form. Then, you can adjust your insurance coverage to accommodate all needs. Removing the SR-22 from your policy gives you the freedom to meet your budgetary needs.

  • What happens if you don't get sr22 insurance?
  • You may be arrested for not owning SR-22 insurance. The state keeps track of drivers using the ALIR system that informs the DMV whenever an insurance policy has been canceled. If the state has mandated you to maintain SR-22 insurance and you fail to do so, there is a high possibility you may face serious punishment.

  • Do I need sr22 and regular insurance?
  • SR-22 insurance certificate is not compulsory for all the drivers in a state. Different states have their laws, but the consensus is that drivers have to file for SR-22 insurance with the state under circumstances such as:

    - DUI conviction

    - DWI conviction

    - Repeat traffic offense

  • How can I get an sr22 without a car?
  • You can apply for SR-22 insurance without owning a car, but first, you need to purchase a non-owner policy. The non-owner policy offers the same protection as standard car insurance but doesn't cater to the driver's vehicle.