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The idea of maintaining SR-22 insurance continuously is one that strikes fear into the hearts of Iowa drivers. Some drivers may argue that this insurance policy hurts their pocket or unforeseen circumstances that may stop them from driving again. This is why you need a little education on what an SR-22 is, who needs it, the cost, and how to get it.

The SR-22 certificate is a routine legal document often required by the State or Department of Motor Vehicles when a driver has been convicted of driving uninsured, driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, and gaining negative points, or causing an accident.

SR22 insurance
SR22 insurance

The Department of Motor Vehicles may ask you to present the SR-22 insurance certificate as proof of financial responsibility. Although SR-22 is not insurance, it can serve as verification of minimum liability coverage for high-risk drivers. If you are involved in a collision, drive uninsured, drive under the influence, or often violate traffic laws, you may need to provide SR-22 to the DMV.

The certificate is also a means of verifying that drivers own the state's liability limits as mandated.

Although it might take some time, finding the best insurance rates with an SR-22 certificate is worth the hassle. Below, we explore how much SR-22 insurance costs in Iowa and the process of purchasing one.

SR22 Insurance Cost

Your state's minimum liability requirements are the biggest factor that determines the cost of your SR-22 insurance. In Iowa, your minimum liability coverage must include:

- $20,000 for physical injury to one individual

- $40,000 for bodily injury to multiple individuals

- $15,000 for property damage

Car insurance is quite costly in Iowa. This can be surprising because the standard amount for purchasing SR-22 insurance is a processing fee of $35. This proves that your insurance rate depends on the type of violation that warranted you to file for SR-22.

DUI Insurance Iowa Rates Near Me

Cheap SR22 Car Insurance Iowa

Auto insurance companies charge risky drivers inflated rates to cover for the high possibility of a payout claim. The spike in price depends on the regularity and severity of your violations.

Maintaning SR-22 in Iowa

Iowa SR-22 insurance must be maintained for two years. Drivers in Iowa are required to carry minimum liability coverage for 24 months continuously. Any lapse during this period will cause the clock to reset.

After applying for SR-22 insurance, your auto insurer will file the form with your state DMV to obtain the SR-22 certificate. Failure to obtain the SR-22 policy may result in license suspension, or your driving privileges may be rescinded.

Additionally, you will be required to pay a second reinstatement fee. It is essential to remember that your car insurance company will inform the state of your default on your insurance at any point. Even If you move out of the state, you are expected to opt for an out-of-state filing.

If you cannot afford the monthly payments, inform your insurance agent before the due date. You can request an alternative payment plan or inquire about any discounts available to high-risk drivers. Subsidized plans are a common compromise for insurance providers.

Getting an SR22 certificate in Iowa

  1. Pick an auto insurance company. The insurer must be licensed to operate in Iowa. If your current insurance firm cannot issues SR-22s on the state, switch to one that does.
  2. Pay the processing fee. Your insurance agent will charge a one-time processing fee for filing the SR-22 form with the state DMV.
  3. Confirm the minimum liability limits. The liability limits for the State of Iowa are:
    • $25,000 for physical or mortal injury to an individual
    • $40,000 for all damages claims in an accident
    • $15,000 for property damage claims
  4. File for SR-22. After conducting the liability limit, your insurance agent can file the SR-22 form with the Office of Driver Services.
  5. Get confirmation. The state and your insurance company will send you a confirmation and a certificate to confirm that your SR-22 request has been accepted.

For Drivers With Insurance

If you currently own car insurance, you will find it easy to file for SR-22 insurance. Contact your auto insurance company and request for an SR-22 form to be filed with your local DMV. If your insurance agent declines this request, start looking for a new insurance company.

For Uninsured Drivers

Uninsured drivers have to pay extra when filing for SR-22 insurance. Due to your risky driving history, you may need to pay an upfront fee to cover the form's cost and the possibility of a payout claim. Some insurance companies may disqualify you from select insurance packages if you have SR-22 on your policy.

For Drivers That Don't Own a Car

Since you need present proof of insurance, it can be quite difficult to purchase SR-22 insurance if I don't own a vehicle. If you are not a vehicle owner, you will need to purchase a non-owner policy before applying for an SR-22.

While a non-owner policy is cheaper than regular auto insurance, it does not provide coverage for any damage to the vehicle.

Iowa DUI Laws

Iowa law states that drivers must not have a blood alcohol content of 0.8 or higher. Punishment for a DUI or OWI violation includes license suspension, alcohol education course, or jail time.

Cheap Auto Insurance For High-risk Drivers in Iowa

Drivers with a good driving record typically pay less for auto insurance. Such drivers avoid infractions such as speeding tickets, driving under the influence, no-fault collisions, and many more. On the other hand, a terrible driving record will inflate your insurance rates.

The average increase in Iowa insurance rates are;

- 15% after a speeding ticket.

- 35% after causing a collision

- 41% after drinking under the influence.

The rates charged after these violations by auto insurers in the Hawkeye State is almost identical to national averages. Drivers with a good record can inquire about safe driver discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much does sr22 insurance cost in Iowa?
  • Iowa SR-22 insurance cost is a total of minimum liability insurance and non-owner insurance policy. The typical fee for an SR-22 certificate is in the range of $15 to $50. The majority of auto insurance companies charge $25 for processing the form.

    SR22 insurance

  • How much is an sr22 per month?
  • The average cost of SR-22 insurance per month depends on the violation registered on the driver's record. If you have been found guilty of one DUI conviction, your fee may be as much as $230 per month. This rate is based on our analysis, including the cost of processing the form.

  • Can you get rid of an sr22?
  • Make sure you contact your local DMV to confirm that your high-risk status has been updated to reflect that you have completed the SR-22 term. After receiving confirmation, call your insurance provider and inform them that you no longer require the SR-22 form to be filed on your behalf.

  • Does Allstate offer sr22?
  • Allstate provides liability insurance coverage for high-risk drivers that have their license suspended.

  • How do I prove sr22?
  • The state will grant you proof of insurance when you submit your SR-22 insurance form. You can apply for the form by calling a licensed auto insurance provider in your state to file for SR-22 insurance with the DMV. Your auto insurer may send you the SR-22 form or send it directly to the relevant government body.

  • What happens if you don't get sr22 insurance?
  • Law enforcement officers have the right to arrest you if you don't carry SR-22 insurance when it has been mandated by law. Applying for SR-22 insurance is quite easy, and if you fail to do as the court says, you can easily be tracked via the ALIR system.

    Auto insurers are bound by state law to report your default to the state DMV when your policy is canceled. Hence, if you bail on maintaining SR-22 insurance, you might be opening yourself to severe punishment such as jail time or a suspended license for five years.

  • How do I get an sr22 If I don't own a car?
  • If your license has been suspended and you don't own a car, you still need to purchase SR-22 insurance to have your driver's license reinstated. The solution is to purchase non-owner insurance, made for drivers that don't own a card but have been instructed by the state to file for SR-22.

  • Can you drive someone else's car with sr22?
  • Yes, you can drive any vehicle you wish as long as you have the relevant SR-22 insurance policy. To maintain coverage and drive any car, you must purchase a non-owner policy. When filed with the DMV, this certificate makes it legal for you to drive any vehicle you don't own in your state without gaining negative points on your record.

    If you have been found guilty of DUI-related infractions, non-owner SR-22 insurance allows you to get behind the wheels, but it does not provide coverage if an accident happens. The requirements for maintaining non-owner SR-22 insurance vary by state, but you can be sure you will be charged a premium.

  • What do I do if my sr22 is over?
  • If your SR-22 term has expired, liaise with your insurance agent to ensure your payments are up to date. Then you will need to issue the payment for the current month for a new SR-22 filing. This action will notify the DMV of your new policy. You can also have your license reinstated in rare scenarios, although that requires a special fee payable to the DMV.

    After you have completed your SR-22 term, you have to inform your insurer to remove the policy, or the company will continue to file it with the DMV and charge you.

  • How long do you need SR 22 after DUI?
  • The typical duration for maintaining SR-22 after a DUI conviction is between one to five years. The majority of states mandate three years. The SR-22 insurance must be continuously maintained this period without any lapse in coverage, or else your term will reset to zero.