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Louisiana SR-22 insurance certificate is a document that proves a driver considered high-risk owns the minimum legal liability limits in the state. The SR-22 insurance policy increases auto insurance premiums by at least $1223 in Louisiana. That is a significant increase on standard rates. Additionally, drivers must pay a processing fee of $25 to the insurance company to submit the form to the state.

Louisiana law states that drivers must maintain SR-22 insurance for three years with any state's licensed insurance company. If, for any reason, your insurance lapses, your license will be automatically suspended. Your insurance agent will inform the state DMV that you have defaulted on your payments, and your term will be reset to zero.

SR22 insurance
SR22 insurance

Additionally, you will pay a second reinstatement fee and other SR-22 related charges.

It is a common misconception to refer to SR-22 insurance as a policy – it is simply a financial responsibility certificate that proves a driver posses the minimum liability coverage as mandated by law. If you wish to have your license restored, you must submit an SR-22 form with your local DMV to show that you have the necessary liability coverage.

Your auto insurer usually files the SR-22 form. Any lapse or cancellation of the policy will be reported to the state Department of Motor Vehicles, which will immediately revoke your driving privileges.

Types of SR-22 Certificates in Louisiana

Louisiana has three types of SR-22 forms used in the state. The more popular ones are owner SR-22 insurance coverage that caters to registered car owners and the non-owner SR-22 policy that provides coverage to drivers that are not car owners.

Even if you don’t own a car, you still need auto insurance if your license has been rescinded or suspended. Non-owner SR-22 insurance policy is the perfect solution for such cases, and it provides coverage if you often borrow a friend or family member’s vehicle.

However, if the authorities find out you drive your car or borrow people your vehicle without getting the proper insurance, your license will be revoked. In such a scenario, you have no option but to maintain SR-22 insurance for a specific period.

The three SR-22 certificates used in Louisiana are:

- Owners certificate that offers minimum liability coverage to the driver of a vehicle.

- Operator’s certificate that provides auto insurance coverage for a driver who is not a vehicle owner

- Owner-operators certificate that covers a driver and any vehicle they drive.

Cost of Louisiana SR-22 Insurance

Louisiana SR-22 insurance is a tad costly because it serves to protect other motorists if a collision happens. Louisiana legal liability limits are:

- $25,000 for property damage

- $30,000 for physical injury per accident

- $15,000 for physical injury per person

Although these are the legal liability limits for the state, it is recommended to have more. Ask your insurance agent to recommend a specific level of coverage that suits your financial position.

Purchasing Louisiana SR-22 insurance is quite expensive. This is not a direct impact of the SR-22 processing fee, which is less than $50, but due to the insurer's insurance cost to cover the high possibility of a payout claim.

Car insurance companies charge high-risk drivers more money based on the driving violation that warranted the SR-22 request. Your rate may depend on the regularity and severity of your convictions.

DUI Insurance Louisiana Rates Near Me

Cheap SR22 Car Insurance Louisiana

Your insurance company usually does the filing process. Your agent will submit your request to the Louisiana Department of Public Safety. Afterward, a processing fee will be requested, and this figure varies depending on the insurance company. After your form has been filed, your insurance agent will mail you the approved SR-22 certificate and a letter from the Department of Public Safety.

This letter will contain instructions on maintaining SR-22 and the stipulated citation of your term. The standard duration is three years. If you fail to make your monthly payment, your auto insurer will inform the DMV of your disobedience. The State may revoke your driving privileges until your license is reinstated.

For Drivers With Insurance

If you currently own regular auto insurance, it should be quite easy to purchase the SR-22 certificate. Call your auto insurer and request for an SR-22 policy to be filed with the Louisiana BMV on your behalf. If your request is declined, immediately start shopping for a new insurer.

For Drivers Without Insurance

When applying for a fresh SR-22 insurance policy, you may be charged extra by your insurance company as a way to cover for your high-risk driving status. Having an SR-22 request on your policy can often disqualify you from certain discounts and insurance options.

For Drivers That Don’t Own A Car

If you don't own a car, it isn't easy to get approval for an SR-22 request since you have to prove car insurance. Your best bet is to first purchase non-owner insurance before filing for SR-22 insurance. Non-owner auto insurance is significantly less expensive than standard coverage since it doesn't provide cover for the vehicle – only the driver.

Offenses That Require Louisiana SR-22 Insurance

Reckless Driving

DUI/DWI violation

Driving Uninsured

Many offenses may cause the State to resist your SR-22 insurance before your driving privileges can be restored. If your license has been revoked for any of the offenses listed, or if you have been involved in these infractions, getting an SR-22 policy is crucial.

- Legal judgments

- Driving uninsured

- Causing an accident/at-fault collision

- Driving with a suspended driver’s license

- Child support or parental neglect cases

- DWI or DUI conviction

- Refusing to take a breathalyzer test issued by a law enforcement officer

- Reckless driving

- Gaining too many negative points on your record

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much does sr22 insurance cost in Louisiana?
  • On average, a Louisiana SR-22 insurance certificate costs $25, but insurance companies charge as high as $50. Also, you have to pay for liability insurance.

    SR22 insurance

  • What is an sr22 used for?
  • SR-22 insurance is a state-issued certificate that serves as proof that you own car insurance. It is commonly referred to as a financial responsibility filing. SR-22 insurance tells any law enforcement officer or court of law that you possess the minimum liability coverage mandated by law.

  • Can you get rid of an sr22?
  • The reason why Louisiana SR-22 is issued to ensure that drivers in the state are insured. The only way to remove an SR-22 from your policy is to maintain the certificate for the stipulated term. The law requires you to maintain it continuously without lapse for up to three years.

  • How much is an sr22 per month?
  • SR-22 policy with a DUI conviction on the driver’s record will attract a monthly fee of about $230. In a year, the average driver with SR-22 insurance pays $2760 yearly. These figures are based on our research. Additionally, you will be charged a processing fee.

  • Do I need an sr22 If I don't drive?
  • If you don't drive a car, you still need to comply with the state's financial responsibility laws. You can do this by filing for non-owners SR-22 policy. The SR-22 is a document issued by the state to confirm that a driver has the legal liability limits required to reinstate their driver’s license.

  • Does sr22 cover any car I drive?
  • There is a special type of SR-22 that covers any car you drive. Even if you don’t own a vehicle, you are legally permitted to drive once you have the non-owner SR-22 certificate without attracting negative points on your record.

  • How much does sr22 raise your insurance?
  • On average, SR-22 increases insurance by five percent for SR-22 drivers across the country. Suppose your driving record is clean and you have existing insurance. In that case, your insurance rate will be significantly lower than a driver with numerous violations, a collision, or no insurance on their record. Before removing SR-22 from your policy, ensure you call your local DMV to confirm that you have completed your term. Furthermore, contact your insurance provider and ask your agent to stop filing for SR-22.

  • Do I need sr22 and regular insurance?
  • It depends on your status as a driver. SR-22 insurance is for high-risk drivers who need proof that they own regular insurance coverage. SR-22 serves as a monitoring system to identify high-risk drivers. If you fail to maintain SR-22 insurance, your driver's license will be revoked until you fulfill the set terms.

  • How can I get an sr22 without a car?
  • Getting an SR-22 policy without a car can only be done by applying for a non-owners insurance policy. This special certificate offers you the regular coverage as standard car insurance but is not specific to a particular car.

  • What happens if you don't pay sr22?
  • If you fail to make your monthly SR-22 payments mandated by the court, your auto insurer will submit an SR-26 form to the state BMV who will automatically suspend your license. In some cases, you will serve jail time and pay heavy fines for flouting the rules. Furthermore, you have to pay a second reinstatement fee and start your term from scratch.