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An SR-22 form is a proof of financial responsibility required of some drivers in most states before they are legally allowed to drive. However, Maryland does not require the filing of this form from any drivers within the state.

Despite the lack of requirement of the filing within Maryland, drivers are still required to proof their future financial responsibility in the event of an accident and, as such, they are required by law to possess a valid auto insurance policy before getting behind a wheel. This financial responsibility proof must be carried by drivers every time they are operating a vehicle.

SR22 insurance
SR22 insurance

The car insurance policy, to be valid, must meets certain liability coverage, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist insurance requirements that have been mandated by the state for every driver. These requirements are:

  • $30,000 bodily injury liability coverage per person
  • $60,000 bodily injury liability coverage per accident
  • $15,000 property damage liability coverage

Provided this policy stays active and is regularly renewed, a driver is legally permitted to drive within the state of Maryland. But in the event that a driver fails to renew the insurance policy or allows it to apse, it becomes unlawful for such an individual to drive.

FR-19 in Maryland

Certain states within the country require their drivers to file for another form in place of an SR-22. One of such forms is the FR-19 that is required of drivers within Delaware and Maryland. The FR-19 form is to be filed with the department of motor vehicles and the filing can only be done by an authorized insurance provider within the relevant state.

Just like an SR-22, the form is filed by an insurance provider, on behalf of a client, as a means of proving to the state that such a client has an insurance policy that meets the minimum liability coverage requirements of the state.

However, unlike an SR-22 form within other states, the FR-19 is not required after certain offences or violations have been committed. It is really just a verification of possession of insurance that the state may require of drivers. Also the form is to be issued by insurance providers without charge to the individual that requires it.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in Maryland

Drivers within Maryland are also encouraged to purchase personal injury protection coverage of at least, $2,500. This would help take care of medical expenses that result from injuries sustained I an accident regardless of who was at fault for the accident. Typically, this coverage can be used before dipping into your regular health insurance coverage in the event of an accident. It can also come into effect following an injury in a taxi or while occupying someone else’s car.

This insurance coverage would cover all expenses associated with a vehicular accident including hospitalization, ambulance rides, surgery, therapy, rehabilitation and, if necessary, funeral expenses. The coverage also provides for up to 85% of lost wages while an individual is unable to work due to injuries sustained in an accident and, just like comprehensive claims, it does not affect your car insurance rates.

Cost of an SR-22 policy in Maryland

Ordinarily, in Maryland, drivers pay below the national average for a car insurance policy and the average cost of car insurance in Maryland is about $1,541. However, the specific amount that would be required of individual drivers would vary from provider to provider.

Since different policy providers employ different formulas or methods of driver evaluation, their rates would also differ but despite the difference in methods, certain factors are generally recognized to be important in the determination of insurance rates. These factors are driving record, credit score, age, gender occupation and so on.

At the end of the day, no matter the policy that is purchased or the insurance rate charged by the policy provider, the insurance policy has to meet the minimum liability coverage requirements of the state of Maryland to be valid.

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Cheap SR22 Car Insurance Maryland

Types of SR-22 forms available in Maryland

There is no requirement for an SR-22 filing in Maryland but drivers within the state may be required to maintain an out of state filing for whatever reason. There are three types of SR-22 car insurance forms:

  • Operator’s SR-22 form. This is required of individuals that operate vehicles but do not own one
  • Owner’s SR-22 form. This is required of individuals that own and operate their personal vehicles.
  • Operator’s-Owner SR-22 form. This covers all vehicles, owned or not owned, that is operated by a driver. It is usually most appropriate for drivers who have personal vehicles and also would be required to get behind the wheel of other vehicles they don’t own.

What to do if you have no car or license

If you have no car in Maryland but have access to other peoples vehicles that you often operate, you are still required by state law possess a valid insurance policy before you would be legally permitted to drive.

How to file for an SR-22 in Maryland

There is no SR-22 filing requirement in Maryland but if you are required by the state to file an FR-19, you can be issued the form free-of-charge by any insurance provider. Once a valid policy is purchased, the form can be filed with the state by the insurance provider.

If you are from another state or are moving to another state

Despite the fact that the state of Maryland does not require an SR-22 filing of its drivers, individuals with the filing in other states are advised to maintain it for the mandated time. A failure to do so would result in a suspension of one’s driver’s license within that state and could consequently lead to a loss of driving privileges in Maryland also.

What to do if the SR-22 lapses

While there is no need to file an SR-22 in Maryland, all drivers are required to possess an insurance policy that meets the minimum liability coverage requirements of the state. As such, every driver must have an active policy before driving and should have proof of insurance on their person while driving. Hence, if a driver’s insurance should lapse, it would be better to renew it before driving again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much does SR-22 cost in Maryland?
  • There is no SR-22 requirement in Maryland and consequently, there is no cost associated with the filing. Even the FR-19 that may be required of some drivers in Maryland is to be issued by providers free of charge.

    SR22 insurance

  • Can you get rid of an SR-22?
  • There is no need to file an SR-22 within Maryland but in the event that a driver has an out-of-state filing, it is required to be maintained for whatever period has been mandated by the state in which the filing was made. The only requirement for driving in Maryland is an insurance policy that meets the requirements of the state.

    For specific information pertaining to another state in question, please refer to the respective state guides that are more in-depth.

  • How does an SR-22 bond work?
  • Generally, an SR-22 is proof required by a state that a driver has a valid insurance policy with the necessary liability coverage. Some cases however accept financial responsibility bonds instead. These bonds basically work in the same way as insurance policies but may have limitations on what they cover.

  • What is an SR-22 used for?
  • An SR-22 form is a proof of financial responsibility required of some drivers in most states before they are legally allowed to drive. However, Maryland does not require the filing of this form from any drivers within the state. The form might need to be filed before a suspended license can be reinstated in the states that require it.

  • What happens if you don’t get SR-22 insurance?
  • If you are required to file for an SR-22 in another state but you fail to do so or you fail to maintain the filing for the mandated period of time, you are not legally allowed to drive within Maryland and doing so is considered unlawful.

  • Do I need an SR-22 if I don’t drive?
  • Under no circumstances is an SR-22 filing required in Maryland. Though, if you ever decide to start driving, you’d need to possess an auto insurance policy that is valid within the state.

  • Can I drive someone else’s car if I have SR-22?
  • You can drive another person’s car provided your SR-22 is valid and you meet the state requirements for all drivers.

  • Who has the cheapest SR-22?
  • There is no requirement for an SR-22 in Maryland but if you need to make a filing in another state, you should check with your insurance provider and compare rates with those of other providers.

  • How can I get a SR-22 without a car?
  • An SR-22 can be filed without a driver owning a car. All that is needed is for an insurance policy meeting the necessary requirements to be purchased from a licensed insurance provider. Policies that meet the need of such situations are non owner SR-22 policies.

  • How much is a non car owner SR-22 cost?
  • The average cost of a non-car owner SR-22 in Maryland is $788.