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The SR-22 is not an insurance policy in and of itself but is a form that demonstrates and proves that you meet certain auto insurance requirements applicable to you. It is proof that the driver meets certain levels of financial responsibility as set by Local DMVs.

For instance, Utah law requires you file for an SR-22 if you’ve been convicted of a DUI, DWI or reckless driving; involved in multiple accidents; or issued multiple speeding tickets.

SR22 insurance

Drivers Who Need Utah SR-22 Insurance

Reckless Driving

DUI/DWI violation

Driving Uninsured

SR22 insurance

Cost to file an SR-22 policy in Utah

The price of an SR-22 filing is usually low (rarely exceeding $50) but being in the position of needing such a form qualifies one to be classified as a high risk driver and this would result in an increase in the cost of your car insurance policy by as much as 50%. The price of the filing is mostly due to the fact that the auto insurance company technically files the SR-22 for you.

However, the increased premium is due to the increased risk you pose to other motorists and property. The extent of the increase in the price of the premium is sure to vary from one provider to another and comparing rates before settling with any provider might help you secure a more affordable policy.

Other than the increased insurance rates, Utah law requires that your policy contains minimum insurance liability coverage of $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $65,000 maximum per incident and $15,000 for damages to another person’s property.

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Cheap SR22 Car Insurance Utah

Types of SR-22 forms available in Utah

Three types of forms are available in Utah. They are:

The operators’ certificate which allows you file for an SR-22 in cases when you don’t own the vehicle you are driving.

Owners’ certificate, which allows you to prove financial responsibility coverage for a car you own.

Operators-owners certificate which is designed to provide coverage for a vehicle regardless of whether or not they are owned by the driver.

What if I don’t have a car or license?

If you are going to be getting behind the wheel and driving in the state of Utah, whether or not you own a car, you would be required to file an SR-22 if you have committed any of the relevant offences. In such a case, you would need to purchase a non-owner policy and file for the SR-22 before your license could be reinstated.

Filing for an SR-22 in Utah

Let’s break this down according to scenarios.

If you have an insurer, contact them if the need to file for an SR-22 ever comes up. Most insurance providers file the form for their customers but if yours doesn’t, find another that does.

You would have to pay a filing fee for help if your insurer in filing the form with the state. The fee is unlikely to exceed $50.

Verify the minimum liability coverage of your insurance policy. The filing the SR-22 requires your insurance policy to meet certain liability coverage requirements, so, call your policy provider to ensure that you meet the requirements.

Submit your SR-22. Most insurance providers in Utah would take care of these for you and bill you accordingly.

Once this is all done, you would have to confirm the new rate on your insurance policy with your provider and the duration of time you would be required to maintain the SR-22 for.

If you have an SR-22 in Utah but are moving to another state, the SR-22 must be maintained for as long as is expected in the state where it was filed. The same applies if the reverse is the case. What this means is that an SR-22 filed in Utah must be maintained in your absence and if you are from another state and have filed an SR-22 there, you have to maintain it while driving in Utah.

It would be prudent to contact your insurance providers and verify if your policy is adequate for the new area you find yourself in.

Maintaining an SR-22 form in Utah

Depending on the severity and number of your transgressions, you might be required to carry around and maintain an SR-22 policy for a period of time ranging from as little as three years to the rest of your life. For instance, first time offenders or minor offences might result in you having to carry your SR-22 for three years but repeat offenders and serious offenders may be required to do so for much longer.

What to do if the SR-22 lapses?

In the event that the SR-22 lapses due to whatever reason (like a failure to renew your policy or missed payments), your insurer is required to notify the state and your license would probably be suspended as a result. Your license would be appropriately reinstated following the renewal of your policy and payment of whatever reinstatement and court fees are necessary.

Cancelling SR-22 coverage

Once your mandate is completed, your insurance rates should be going back to normal but before you make any changes to your policy, verify with your insurance providers and the local DMV first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much does SR-22 cost in Utah?
  • In Utah, the cost of filing the SR-22, as set by insurance providers, varies from $20 to $50 and rarely exceeds that. The real financial impact of the SR-22 is actually not in the cost of filing but is rather seen in the higher premiums that are required to be paid as a result. The true cost of the SR-22 therefore varies from provider to provider and depends on the policy you purchase from a specific provider.

    SR22 insurance

  • What is SR-22 insurance in Utah?
  • SR-22 is a form that is carried as a proof of future financial responsibility. It demonstrates that the driver or carrier possesses a car insurance policy that meets the minimum auto insurance requirements in Utah. In Utah, it is required for individuals that have been convicted of DUIs, DWIs, multiple accidents and also for people who have received multiple speeding tickets. The higher premiums required to be paid as part of the insurance policy resulting from the filing of an SR-22 is called ‘SR-22 insurance’.

  • How much is SR-22 insurance per month in Utah?
  • The SR-22 filing fee is a one-time fee but the inflated premiums you are required to pay as part of insurance policy can be paid in a manner agreed upon between you and your provider. This amount would vary from provider to provider but the average cost in Utah is $167. It can be further increased in the event that other driving offences are committed during the duration of your mandate.

  • Can you get rid of an SR-22 in Utah?
  • In Utah, you can get rid of your SR-22 once the coverage period has expired. In some cases, the DMV sends a notice upon expiry of the coverage period but if they don’t, you can contact them to confirm that you no longer require the filing. Once confirmed, you can contact your provider to inform them that you no longer need the SR-22 after which they would cancel your filing and your premiums would return to normal.

  • Can you drive someone else’s car with SR-22 in Utah?
  • You can drive another person’s car with an SR-22 in Utah but to do so, you would have to purchase a non owner insurance policy with a provider of your choice

  • Why is SR-22 so expensive?
  • The expensive nature of a car insurance policy with an SR-22 filing is due to the high risk classification of the driver with the filing. In other words, it is expensive because the driver is a bigger liability on the road compared to other motorists.

  • Do I need an SR-22 in Utah if I don’t drive?
  • Provided you have committed a violation or offence worthy of an SR-22 filing, you need to file the form or your license would never be reinstated and by extension, you would never be permitted to drive in Utah.

  • Do I need SR-22 and regular insurance in Utah?
  • Yes. This is due to the fact that the SR-22 is not an actual policy both rather an endorsement on your insurance policy that your provider files with the state. So, in the event that you have to file an SR-22 without owning a car, you would still be required to buy a non-owner policy.

  • Can I file my own SR-22 in Utah?
  • Your SR-22 would be filed by your insurance provider on your behalf so as to help the state verify that you have obtained the required liability coverage as mandated by the state.

  • How do I show proof of SR-22 in Utah?
  • To show proof of SR-22 in Utah, you would require documentation from a licensed insurance provider showing your insurance policy with proof of the mandated liability coverage and the SR-22 filing.