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Idaho Local Business Resources

For new businesses in Idaho, you can get registered via the Idaho Secretary of State Office or go to the official website. Once at the website, check the Business Entities section to find the list of requirements to start a new business.

You need to file for a business name registration first. Fill up the appropriate forms for business name filing and then submit it to get your license. Then, you can go to the IRS to obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN), if needed. For those who do not have employees, you can skip this step.

If you need to register for an EIN, you need the following documents;

· Social security numbers (for all members/business owners)

· Mailing address

· Date of incorporation or start of business

· Employee information

With the information, forms, and documents, you can proceed to the Idaho Business Registration office to apply or do it online.

Once that is done, you can also secure additional business license(s) depending on what is required for your specific type of business. The business license will be issued locally (per city) as there might be additional regulatory licenses needed to operate. For example, the city of Boise will have different licensing requirements from that of Idaho Falls.

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Government Contacts

The state of Idaho has 44 counties and 200 municipal governments. Most counties have three elected commissioners and officers, including a coroner, sheriff, treasurer, and assessor. Almost all cities in the state have an elected mayor and council members of four to six. There are also 116 public school districts and 798 special district authorities in the state. School districts in Idaho have elected board members.

The local government of Idaho operates under the original constitution of 1889, which is the same for any other state in the US that was admitted after the American Civil War ended. This constitution separates the three main branches of the government: executive, legislative, and judicial.

The constitution that governs Idaho has been amended more than 100 times. The women earned the right to vote in 1896 and it is among the first few states to be able to do so. It is divided into various geographic regions with its own distinct voting patterns.

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