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If you wish to register a business in the state of Maryland, you need to comply with the requirements to legally operate. The first step is to decide on the type of business structure. Upon making your decision, you can officially start the business registration process.

Go to the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation to register your official name and the location of your business. You must also identify your registered agent. After that, you must double check with the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. The required licenses and permits will vary based on the nature of your business.

The next step is to pay your taxes. Maryland is very strict when it comes to collecting tax revenue so it is a must to settle this before opening your business. Go to the Office of the Comptroller of Maryland to know about this process. If you are going to have employees for your new business, it is also important to comply with requirements on insurance, particularly the workers compensation and liability insurance.

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Since 2002, the state of Maryland has a total of 23 counties and 157 municipalities. Counties have charter governments where voters elect their county executive and council members. Counties in rural areas are overseen by the boards of county commissioners. Most county governments are highly developed in Maryland State, and there are multiple county officials that run the counties, with responsibilities ranging from civil defense to liquor licensing.

Baltimore City (not to be confused by Baltimore County that surrounds it) is the only city in Maryland that is not contained within a county. It has similar services as other counties and has the same state shares based on the allocation formulas. The city of Baltimore is overseen by elected officials (mayor and city council). Depending on the local charter, other cities and towns don't have a city council.

There are also a total of 85 special districts in Maryland, and 39 public school systems.

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