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North Dakota Local Business Resources

To register a new business in North Dakota, you need to start by identifying your business structure. This is an important first step because the requirements you need to comply with will be determined based on the type of business structure you choose.

Once that is decided, you can register your business name. It is a good practice to check the existing business name database in North Dakota. Once you have verified that your chosen business name is available, you can file for a business name application at the Secretary of State office or website.

After that, you must check the licensing requirement for your business. It will be based on the nature of your business and your business location. The licenses and permits must be obtained through the county or city that your business is part of.

Just like your licenses and permits, the tax registration for your business will also vary in terms of the nature of your business. Go to the North Dakota Taxpayer Access Point or contact the ND Department of Taxation about the type of taxes you need to register for.

If you have, or plan on having, employees for your business, you must obtain a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). You must also obtain unemployment and workers compensation insurance for your business to legally operate.

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Government Contacts

North Dakota has a total of 2,735 local government units; this includes 53 counties, 360 municipalities (labeled as cities regardless of size), and 1,332 townships. The state is run by the governor, who is elected for a four-year term. There are also a total of 226 public school districts and 764 special districts within the North Dakota State.

Counties with populations ranging from 900 to 100,000 elect their commissions and officers. Elected officials of the county government include the commissioner, court clerk, county judge, county justice, sheriff, and state attorney. Most counties are divided into townships. Most municipalities employ a mayor-council system of government, while townships elect their own administrative officers.

North Dakota's bicameral legislature is made up of 47 senate members and 94 members from the House of Representatives.

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