Alabama Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Taking a defensive driving course in Alabama is an excellent way to become a better driver. Many people attend traffic school to dismiss tickets and avoid driving points on their record. Defensive driving is also a great way to reduce the cost of car insurance. Discover more about traffic school to learn how it can help you save money and improve your driving skills.

Finding Certified Traffic Schools Near Me

It's important to find a certified traffic school if you plan on having a ticket dismissed or want to save money on car insurance. Many defensive driving courses are offered in a classroom or online, but the traffic school must be licensed properly. Drivers can contact the Alabama court, the Alabama Department of Public Safety, or their insurance provider to find a certified traffic school.

Ticket Dismissal

It's possible to have a ticket dismissed after completing a defensive driving course. Most drivers will be allowed to take traffic school to dismiss a ticket if they show up to their court date, but a judge will make the final decision. Drivers will be required to take the driving course within a certain time frame and must provide proof of completion.

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Driving Record Points

Driving points are added to your driver record every time you receive a traffic violation. Drivers might have their driver's license suspended if they accumulate too many driving record points. Completing a defensive driving course will not remove existing points from your record. Driving points for violations will not count against people if they attend traffic school, but those points will always remain on their record.

Insurance Discounts

Most insurance companies provide discounted rates if drivers complete a defensive driving course. Although many insurance companies encourage young and elderly drivers to attend traffic school, drivers of all ages can benefit from one of these courses. Policy holders should contact their provider for more information about reduced insurance rates. Keep in mind that if you have a DUI there may not be a lot you can do to reduce the increased premium costs. However we discuss SR22 insurance Alabama coverage options in more detail in another article.

Course Information

Alabama defensive driving courses cover a variety of topics including safe driving habits, traffic laws, and sharing the roads. Instructors will suggest safe driving habits such as paying attention to your surroundings and avoiding driving while you are intoxicated. Defensive driving courses include detailed explanations of traffic laws. Students will also learn good driving behavior and how to avoid hostile situations.

Traffic school educates people on driving laws and helps people adopt safe driving habits. Defensive driving courses are an excellent way to dismiss tickets and avoid driving points, but it's important to contact the court to find a certified traffic school. Drivers should also be prepared to devote at least 8 hours to the course and must pass a final exam.

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