Connecticut Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Several organizations offer traffic school, safe driving or defensive driving courses to Connecticut residents. In some cases, drivers may be required to attend traffic school due to a court order for repeated traffic violations. In other cases, drivers may opt to voluntarily participate in a defensive driving program to dismiss a traffic ticket or reduce auto insurance rates.

Requirements for Traffic School Near Me

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) adds penalty points to the records of drivers who commit traffic violations. If you get a certain number of points, you may have your driver's license suspended, and you may have to enroll in a retraining traffic school program.

Traffic school is required if you are have received two moving violations and are younger than 25. If you have received three moving violations and are younger than 26, you are also required to attend. Excessive speeding in a highway construction zone also requires traffic school attendance. Any commercial driver's license (CDL) holder convicted of driving over 65 miles per hour or anyone convicted of driving more than 75 miles per hour in these construction zones must attend.

The Connecticut DMV does not currently accept online defensive driving courses in cases where traffic school is required, and failure to complete the course by a particular deadline may result in license suspension.

If you complete the course and pass the exam, results will be electronically submitted to your court and the DMV. You will receive a hard copy in the mail. More information can be found on the Connecticut DMV site, particularly on the driving records page and the suspended license page .

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Voluntary Traffic School

In some cases, drivers may voluntarily enroll in a classroom or online defensive driving program in order to dismiss a ticket or obtain an insurance discount. For SR22 insurance Connecticut coverage questions please refer to our other more in-depth article.

Traffic tickets for minor moving violations might be dismissed by completing a traffic school course. Courts will consider each case individually depending on the violation, the driver's record and other circumstances. The local Connecticut court handling your case can provide more details.

Enrollment in traffic school can result in an insurance discount for drivers of any age. In most cases, teenagers, new drivers or senior citizens are aware of this option; however, other drivers may also be eligible. Call your insurance company to get more details and before enrolling in a course.

Defensive driving courses can help you improve your driving skills so that you are a safer driver in the future. This can help you avoid tickets and accidents in the long run.

Traffic School Structure and Cost

Traffic school in Connecticut includes classes that review safe driving practices, positive driving behaviors and attitudes, and state traffic laws. All students must pass a final exam.

Approved traffic schools charge $60 for courses and include:

A Better Connecticut Driver -- 866-236-6989

The National Safety Council -- 800-210-6407

Driver Education Station -- 800-381-8729

National Traffic Safety Institute -- 866-455-6874

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