Delaware Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Many companies provide defense driving programs or traffic school courses in Delaware. Drivers convicted of aggressive driving or those who accumulate 12 points on their state driving record are required to take a driver improvement course. Drivers may also voluntarily take a driver improvement class to remove a point on their record or lower their car insurance.

Requirements for Defensive Driving Course Near Me

If the Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) convicts you of multiple traffic violations or labels you as an aggressive driver, it may be necessary for you to enroll in a behavioral modification driving course or a driver improvement course. The course must approved by the DMV.

A driver improvement course will be required if you commit three or more violations that illustrate you may be an aggressive driver. Violations include failing to yield, running traffic lights and signs, following too closely, passing on the shoulder and speeding.

The required behavioral modification class must be completed within 90 days of being convicted of aggressive driving. Classroom and online courses are accepted. If you fail to comply, your driver's license can be suspended.

More about license suspension can be accessed on the Delaware DMV site. See the suspended license page .

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Voluntary Driver Improvement Course

Drivers may choose to enroll in a classroom or online driver improvement program in order to dismiss a traffic citation. Your eligibility to do so will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the ruling court. Call the Delaware court managing your ticket for more details.

In order to earn a discount on your auto insurance, every driver of your vehicle must complete a defensive driving course online or in the classroom. This will result in a 10 percent discount for three years. If a refresher course is taken within 90 days before the end of that three-year period, you can earn a 15 percent discount. Please refer to our SR22 insurance Delaware coverage article for more details concerning DUI insurance options.

For a complete list of approved defensive driving courses and traffic schools, please visit the Delaware Department of Insurance website.

These driving courses can help you obtain safer driving skills to avoid tickets, accidents, and points on your driving record.

Driver Improvement Course Details

Both classroom and online driving courses will teach safe driving habits, better attitudes and behaviors, state traffic laws and violations, and how to curb aggressive driving. Classes will also cover alcohol an drug abuse, violations and awareness.

Course length varies depending on the reason for taking the defensive driving class. If you are convicted of aggressive driving, your course will last at least eight hours. If you want to reduce points on your record or your auto insurance, your course lasts about six hours. The defensive driving refresher class last about 3 hours. Passing a final exam is required in all cases, resulting in a certificate of completion.

Approved driver improvement programs charge about $100.

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