Florida Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Drivers enroll in traffic school courses for many different reasons. In many cases, drivers can avoid picking up points on their driver's licence and reduce fines by completing traffic school. The following information outlines traffic school in Florida and the benefits of completing this course.

Traffic School is required (assuming you still want to drive) if:

No matter why you decide to enroll in Florida traffic school, you will most assuredly gain knowledge that will help you become a more aware and safer driver. Florida state driving courses can be taken in person or online, with most people opting for the online traffic school option for convenience. Below are some driving school options available for those living and driving in the sunshine state:

Florida 4 Hour Basic Improvement Near Me

Completion of this 4-hour basic driver improvement course (BDI course) successfully will keep points from affecting the driver's license and keep insurance rates from rising as most insurance companies (e.g. American Family, Hartford, etc...) offer discounts to drivers that have completed such a program in the last few years. This in turn can possibly help you qualify for lower rates in Florida. As long as the citation was not issued after an accident, drivers who complete the 4 hour course may keep their safe driving status.


Florida 8 Hour Immediate Driver Improvement Course

This course is offered to drivers who have been court ordered to successfully complete a traffic class for a citation or other driving offense.


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Florida 12 Hour Advanced Driver Improvement Course (ADI Course)

Those who need to take a class in order to get driving status reinstated should opt for this advanced course.

Florida First Time Driver Course

Before applying for a Florida driver's license, all applicants are required to take and successfully complete this course. Course content includes drug and alcohol awareness aimed to educate those who have never held a license.

Florida Mature Driver Course

This course is designed to help people over 55 years of age ensure they are still a safe driver as well as reduce their insurance premiums after successful completion. For DUI convictions you may need to explore other options for reduce insurance. We discuss how to get cheap FR44 insurance Florida coverage in another article you may find helpful.

These courses are aimed at those who need to :


Drivers who want to avoid having points added to their driving record must enroll and complete one of the above driving courses within 30 days of the original citation. Drivers must take a course accredited and approved by the state of Florida to obtain the benefits of the class. Many courses electronically notify the Florida Department Of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, also known as FLHSMV or DMV (formerly known as DHSMV) after a driver completes and passes the course. If they do not offer this feature, Florida online traffic school courses generally provide a printable course completion certificate for submission. Online courses are available regardless of the moving violation or violated traffic laws.

While getting a traffic ticket or facing driver license suspension is never a pleasant experience, the state of Florida gives drivers a variety of options to keep their fines and points low.

Florida Traffic Collision Avoidance Course (4 Hour TCAC Class)

The Traffic Collision Avoidance class is a requirement for those causing a crash resulting in higher than a certain financial amount (currently $500.00) or hospitalization from the accident.  The TCAC course requirement is satisfied by completing the 4 Hour Basic Driver Improvement (4 Hour BDI) Class.  A TCAC Class is required by anyone:

(full list of Florida statues can be found here: http://www.leg.state.fl.us/statutes/index.cfm?App_mode=Display_Statute&URL=0400-0499/0488/0488.html )

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