Georgia Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Georgia defensive driving courses can benefit motorists in many ways. Completing a traffic school program is an easy way to have a ticket dismissed and remove points from your driving record. Some drivers might be required to take defensive driving after receiving a traffic violation or to prevent their driver's license from being suspended. People can also complete a defensive driving course to receive a cheaper rate on insurance.

Court-Ordered Defensive Driving Course Near Me

The sentencing for traffic for violations in Georgia can vary depending on the severity of your violation and driving record. In some cases, traffic violators could be ordered to take defensive driving as a condition of their sentencing. Court-ordered defensive driving requires people to find a certified traffic school to complete their program. The court will set a time limit on when the course can be completed. Drivers will also have provide the court with a certificate of completion.

Ticket Dismissal

Defensive driving is an excellent option for people interested in having their ticket dismissed. It's important to remember that Georgia doesn't accept online traffic schools for ticket dismissals. Drivers should contact the court to determine if they are eligible for ticket dismissal after completing a defensive driving course.

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Driver Points Deductions

Traffic violators will have points added to their driving record after receiving a ticket. Drivers will have their driver's license suspended if they receive 15 points within 24 months. People are eligible to take a defensive driving course every 5 years and can have 7 points removed from their driving record. This is an excellent option for drivers in danger of having their license suspended. It's important to note that drivers with a suspended license must complete a defensive driving course to be reinstated.

Car Insurance Discount

Many insurance companies offer a safe driver discount when people complete a defensive driving course. Drivers should contact their insurance provider to determine if they are eligible for a discounted rate. Although some insurance companies offer the discount to everyone, some providers might restrict the program to young drivers or senior citizens. For help with cheap SR22 insurance Georgia coverage options we prepared a more in-depth article about possible savings.

Course Details

Traffic schools cover many topics to help people become better drivers. Traffic laws and violations will be discussed to reduce the risk of people getting more tickets in the future. Students will learn good driving behaviors and defensive driving techniques. Drivers will also learn how to share the road with other motorists.

Whether you are taking defense driving to satisfy a court order or just want to have a ticket dismissed, traffic school can help improve your driving skills. Traffic schools should be properly licensed and approved by the court. Drivers will also need to provide the Department of Public Safety with a certificate of completion.

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