Idaho Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Defensive driving programs, driver improvement courses or traffic school options are available for Idaho drivers. Drivers who are interested in reducing the number of points on their driving record, making amends for a traffic ticket, lowering their car insurance rates, or simply learning how to be a better, safer driver can take advantage of these courses.

Benefits of Attending Defensive Driving Course Near Me or Online

The Idaho Transportation Department Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) assigns points to drivers for traffic violations. Too many driving record points can mean a driver's license suspension.

By finishing a defensive driving course once every three years, you can remove up to three points from your driving record. If you have received a warning letter regarding your driving record points, sign up for a driver improvement course right away to try to prevent a driver's license suspension. Once your license is suspended for points, a defensive driving course will not take away your suspension.

More information can be found on the Idaho DMV site. See the suspended license page and the driving records page.

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Making Amends for Citation

Some drivers who have received a traffic ticket may be able to dismiss their violation or fulfill sentencing requirements by taking a driver improvement course. Please check with your Idaho traffic court to see if you qualify or for additional information.

Lowering Insurance Rates

Most people are aware that teenagers and senior citizens can earn auto insurance discounts by taking a driver improvement course, but in many cases, insurance companies offer a discount for all drivers willing to improve their driving habits. Contact your particular provider to see if there are programs that exist for you.

Improving Your Driving

Everyone gets rusty when it comes to habitual tasks like driving. If you'd just like to improve your driving skills, get a refresher on traffic rules and regulation, or learn other defensive techniques to reduce your chance of having an accident or receiving a ticket, sign up for a defensive driving class.

Driver Improvement Course Information

Both online and classroom defensive driving classes will cover a wide range of topics including defensive driving techniques, safe driving attitudes and behaviors, state traffic laws, and how to share the road with other drivers. Information about alcohol and drug abuse as related to driving as well as violations and consequences will be presented.

Defensive driving classes generally last about six hours, and a final exam will be given. Upon passing the exam, a completion certificate will be granted, which will need to be submitted to the Idaho DMV, your traffic court, and your car insurance company depending on the circumstances for taking the class. As for getting a SR22 insurance Idaho policy there is more involved and we cover that in another article.

For an entire list of approved defensive driving courses and driver improvement programs, please visit the Idaho DMV website.

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