Illinois Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Traffic schools have become increasing in popularity in reason years, particularly with individuals who have received a traffic violation. Illinois residents and drivers have many options in traffic schools. Get all the pertinent facts here.

Attending a Traffic School Near Me or Online

Traffic school is a school that offers courses to help drivers improve their driving and possibly have a traffic violation dismissed or help earn drivers discounts on the auto insurance. These courses may also be called point reduction, driver improvement or defensive driving courses. Whatever they're referred to, the results are the same: helping drivers to drive better and reduce the chance of getting traffic violations or being in auto crashes.

Traffic schools may be found at technical schools in Illinois but are commonly found at actual driving schools, according to the . For an Illinois traffic course to be an eligible course, the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles states that it must be licensed and approved by one of the following.

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The Benefits of Traffic School

Completing traffic school can provide many benefits.

It is important to realize that not all insurance companies give a discount for completing the safe driver course so you may want to speak with your insurance agent if a discount is your main goal for completing the course. Also, not everyone with a traffic violation is eligible to complete traffic school for purposes of demerit points and/or insurance discounts. The courts or the insurance company may determine eligibility. On the other hand if you have a DUI it may prove more challenging to get cheap SR22 insurance Illinois coverage but there are options.

While this may come as a surprise, some people enroll in traffic school for no other reason than to develop better driving habits and learn defensive tips. At the end of the course, you'll be required to pass a final examination, which will result in you receiving a certificate of completion. You can take this certificate to the courts or to your insurance agent, depending on your reason for taking the traffic course.

What is Traffic School Like?

The courses and curriculum in traffic schools may vary from school to school, but typically they're all the same in that they teach students how to be good defensive drivers. They also have the student going through current traffic laws and brushing up on their knowledge of traffic signs, particularly traffic signs and laws in Illinois.

Students also learn about drug/alcohol abuse and consequences of their use while driving. The courses help students develop better driving habits and teach them the importance of sharing the road with all types of drivers and vehicles, including bicycles, trucks, motorcycles and even pedestrians. The duration of the class is anywhere from four to 12 hours. The curriculum is also going to based on the type of violation. For instance, an individual with a second OWI (operating while intoxicated)may be required to take a different course than an individual who has received a ticket for speeding.

Where are Traffic Schools Located in Illinois?

The state of Illinois offers several traffic schools throughout the state.

In addition to the many on-campus traffic and driving courses available, some are also offered online. Many drivers often choose the online courses because they can be taken at home at the individual's convenience.

The entire course may be taken at one time as opposed to visiting a campus a couple different times. Drivers who are considering online traffic courses are advised to check with the court and the insurance to ensure the course is approved. The student must pay a fee to the traffic school, and the fee may vary by school.

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