Iowa Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Drivers in Iowa have many options when it comes to traffic school or defensive driving courses. By taking such a course, drivers may be able to satisfy the requirements to avoid a driver's license suspension, fulfill requirements for a traffic ticket, or reduce auto insurance rates.

Requirements for Traffic School Near Me

Drivers convicted of three moving violations within one year or those convicted of driving 25 to 29 miles over the speed limit may be required to take a driver improvement course by the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) or a state traffic court.

If this is your situation, be sure to get all necessary information on the requirements. Find out whether online courses are accepted or if you must take an in-person, classroom course as well as the deadline for course completion. Additional fees and documents may be required.

Failure to complete a required defensive driving program may result in your driver's license being suspended. Once the course is completed, you will be on probation for one year. If a traffic violation occurs within this period, your license could be suspended in this case as well.

More information and details can be found on the Iowa DMV site. See the suspended license page and the driving records page.

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Reducing Auto Insurance

Upon receiving a driver's license for the first time, teenagers are often told they can reduce their auto insurance rates by taking a defensive driving class. This applies frequently to senior citizens as well. Contact your auto insurance carrier to see if all drivers can reduce rates by enrolling in a driver improvement program. Different insurance companies may have different programs or incentives to encourage safe driving habits and award reduce rates accordingly. If you're trying to obtain SR22 insurance in Iowa then there may be additional steps you need to take.

Driver Improvement Course Information

Whether a defensive driver class is required or voluntary, it will typically cover Iowa traffic laws, moving violations and consequences, alcohol and drug abuse, sharing the road tips, and defensive driving suggestions. Students enrolled in these courses will have the opportunity to break bad driving habits, replace them with safer better habits, brush up on rules and regulations, and hopefully reduce the risk of accidents and traffic violations in the future.

Classroom and online driver improvement courses will take between four to 12 hours to complete. Online courses allow more flexibility on when coursework is completed. Classroom instruction often takes place at a community college.

After passing a final exam, you should receive a defensive driving completion certificate. This can be sent to your traffic court, the Iowa DMV or your car insurance company.

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