Kentucky Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Drivers living in Kentucky can attend traffic school to improve their driving record as well as their driving skills. Imagine going to traffic school and saving money each month on insurance costs! Learn everything you need to know about traffic school so you can start learning and saving money today!

Why Attend Traffic School Near Me or Online?

Traffic schools are available for drivers who want to improve their driving skills for personal growth, to lose demerit points on their driving records or to earn discounts on their auto insurance premiums. There are many benefits to attending traffic school besides the obvious that drivers receive valuable information on Kentucky traffic regulations and laws. The classes help drivers improve their driving habits while also providing defensive driving techniques.

Traffic school can also be beneficial to drivers who have received traffic citations or risk license suspension because of a pending traffic ticket. Driving classes can also help drivers lose demerit points on their license, which not only improves the driving record but can also make a difference in auto insurance prices. Some insurance companies give discounts to drivers who attend traffic school even if they don't have tickets. Drivers who have citations from another state may get those citations dismissed upon completion of the traffic classes. For Kentucky SR22 insurance please refer to our other article.

What Topics Are Covered?

Drivers enrolled in traffic schools or defensive driving classes learn a lot despite the classes being so short. They become familiar with Kentucky traffic laws, traffic signs, driver's licensing procedures, drug/alcohol offenses, safe driving behaviors, defensive driving, safe driving behaviors and the Kentucky Driver Point System. Other topics include driving under the influence (DUI), traffic crash causes, highway safety facts, traffic safety facts, perceptive driving and ways to prevent and avoid traffic accidents.

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Am I Eligible for Traffic School?

Although traffic school may be voluntary for personal reasons, traffic school courses are more often taken to have a traffic ticket dismissed to avoid getting demerit points on the driving record or to avoid having the license suspended. However, if this is the reason for taking the traffic class, the driver must meet certain eligibility requirements.

Where are Traffic Schools in Kentucky?

Kentucky State Traffic Schools can be found at many locations throughout the state. Classes are offered in the mornings, afternoons and on Saturday, making them convenient for almost any person's schedule. To be eligible to dismiss tickets, lose demerit points or help with license reinstatement, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Driver Licensing must approve the traffic schools. Students who don't want to travel to the driving schools can take advantage of Kentucky's online options .

Important Details for Traffic School

Classes at traffic school generally take four hours to complete. However, sometimes it may take up to six weeks to get on the traffic school's schedule so it's important to get registered as soon as possible. This is especially important if the driver is taking the course to avoid a traffic conviction, lose demerit points or because the court required the course.

If the driver is eligible to have a citation dismissed through traffic school, the court where the citation is seen must give the driver a referral to one of the Kentucky traffic schools. The same district court will send the referral notification to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Division of Driver Licensing. This division will then send a letter to the driver providing him or her with information on the class.

The process is the similar if the court mandates that the driver enroll in traffic school. Once that referral is made, the traffic school becomes mandated by the court. In this situation, the driver must complete the traffic training. Drivers must be enrolled in traffic school within 30 days of the conviction or referral date. Failure to do so will result in driver's license suspension.

The cost of the class is usually around $15. If the course is court-mandated, there may be additional fees. If the course is taken to have a license reinstated, the driver must still pay any reinstatement fees the state may require.

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