Michigan Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

If you're a driver living in the state of Michigan and are interested in having a traffic violation dismissed or just want to enhance your driving skills, you may find traffic school a very good option. Learn everything you need to know about traffic schools in Michigan, including what they entail, what benefits they offer and how to enroll.

Traffic schools, often called defensive driving or driving improvement courses, offer a way to improve your driving. Michigan drivers who have received a minor traffic violation and wish to have it dismissed to avoid demerit points on their driving records and increased insurance premiums on their auto insurance typically use traffic schools. However, even individual who has not received a traffic violation may attend traffic schools just to get a good driver discount through the insurance company. If there is a DUI on your record then you made need to acquire a Michigan SR22 insurance policy.

Not all insurance companies offer this discount for completing traffic school so drivers are advised to check with their insurance companies. Some drivers enroll in traffic school with the sole purpose of brushing up on their knowledge of Michigan traffic laws and to help them become better drivers. Driving improvement courses can decrease your chance of receiving a traffic violation or being involved in a car crash. Traffic school offers many benefits whether you have a ticket or just want to improve your driving. Attending traffic school is a win-win situation. Another route for bringing down costs could be to look into cheap PLPD insurance Michigan policy options.

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Additionally, not every driver can have a ticket dismissed by completing traffic school. Once you have received a traffic violation, you will receive a letter from the Michigan Secretary of State notifying you if you are eligible to take a driver improvement course. Generally, the following conditions must be satisfied to be eligible.

Are there traffic schools near me? Most likely and a list of eligible traffic violations can be found here. The Michigan Secretary of State must approve the traffic school for it to be eligible for ticket dismissal. Also, the course must be taken within 60 days of the citation or the letter from the Michigan SOS.

Traffic school courses cover a few different topics but focus on the basics. Students learn about the ever-changing traffic laws and violations in Michigan. They learn about and brush up on basic driving techniques, and learn how to become good defensive drivers. The course also touches on drug and alcohol abuse while driving as well as the legal consequences. Sharing the road with other vehicles and drivers is also part of the course topics.

Often the course or curriculum may be determined based on the type of traffic violation the driver received. The traffic school or driver improvement course may take as little as four hours to complete or as much as 12 hours. The cost of the course may be up to $100.

Once you have successfully complete traffic school, the instructor will send information to the Michigan DMV so you can get the ticket dismissed. They may also provide you with a certificate of completion that you can give to your insurance company to earn a discount or prevent you from a premium increase due to the ticket.

Traffic school courses must be approved by the Michigan Secretary of State. There are about 50 approved traffic schools in the state of Michigan. Unlike some states that offer these courses at technical colleges, Michigan offers the courses at actual driving schools. In addition to the many traffic schools located in Michigan, drivers can also complete their course through distance learn or online.

The approved online courses are very popular with drivers who have busy schedules because the courses can be taken in the comfort of their homes and at their convenience.Many people also find it more convenient to complete it all in one sitting rather than attending school for a couple different sessions. Online courses are also very affordable with many costing less than $50.

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