Mississippi Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Mississippi defensive driving courses offer motorists a variety of educational and financial benefits. Drivers can have tickets dismissed, avoid points on their driving record, and save money on their auto insurance. Motorists will also learn how to improve their driving skills and prevent traffic accidents. Learn more about defensive driving courses in Mississippi to discover how traffic school can help you become a more responsible driver.

Ticket Dismissal

Drivers might be eligible for ticket dismissal if they meet certain criteria. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety or traffic court will evaluate driving history to determine if someone is eligible for ticket dismissal. Drivers might be required to take specific defensive driving courses within a certain timeframe. It's the responsibility of the driver to pay program fees and provide required documentation after the course has been completed.

Driver Record Points

Completing a defensive driving course is an excellent way to avoid driver record points. Motorists will have points added to their driver record every time they receive a traffic violation. Drivers could have their license suspended if they receive too many points on their record within a certain timeframe. Motorists will be required to pay additional fines and submit clearance documents to have their driver's license reinstated.

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Car Insurance Discounts

Many insurance providers offer discounts to policy holders if they complete a defensive driving course. Although most discounts are restricted for teenage and elderly drivers, some incentive programs could include drivers of all ages. Motorists should contact their insurance provider to find out more information about the criteria and requirements of defensive driving discount programs. If you have a DUI then ask about Mississippi SR22 insurance options.

Defensive Driving Requirements Near Me

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety or the traffic court can provide drivers with a list of approved defensive driving programs. Students have the option of completing the course in the classroom or online at their own pace. Motorists should expect to spend anywhere from 4 to 12 hours to complete the course. Drivers will be required to pass a final exam before receiving a certificate of completion.

Course Details

Mississippi defensive driving courses cover a variety of topics to promote safe and responsible driving. Defensive driving tips help motorists prevent future accidents. Drivers will learn about traffic violations and their consequences. Certified instructors help students prepare for emergency situations. Motorists will also learn about safe driving attitudes and how to share the road with other drivers.

Traffic school is an excellent way for motorists to learn important driving skills. Drivers can dismiss tickets, avoid driver record points, and receive discounts on car insurance when they complete a defensive driving course. Motorists should contact the Mississippi Department of Public Safety or traffic court to find out more information about eligibility and completion requirements.

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