Nebraska Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

In Nebraska, traffic schools are known as defensive driving courses. The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) approves all the defensive driving courses in the state.

Why Take a Defensive Driving Course Near Me or Online?

A defensive driving course can make you a more responsible driver, improving your safety on the road and reducing the likelihood of you getting traffic tickets in the future. However, most drivers take defensive driving courses for one of a few reasons.

The DMV requires that you complete a defensive driving course to fulfill the requirements of an employment driving permit. You must complete the course within 60 days after you get the permit for that permit to remain valid.

Nebraska uses a point system, which means that violations go on your driving record as points and getting too many points can lead to a suspension of your driver's license. A defensive driving course is one way that you can lower the number of points on your record. Completing a course earns you a 2-point credit, meaning up to 2 points are taken off your driving record. You can only get a point credit this way once every 5 years, and it's not an option if you have 12 or more points on your record already. Your credit will only apply to points that you had on your record before completing the course.

The DMV requires any driver who is under 21 years old to take a defensive driving course if they have at least 6 points on their record, otherwise it will suspend their license. A driver of any age who loses their license because they accumulated too many points will need to take a defensive driving course to get it back.

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Defensive Driving Course Options in Nebraska

There are two options for completing traffic school in Nebraska: classroom or online courses. Nebraska has two specific types of defensive driving courses, and each type applies to different situations. However, online courses are only available with one type of defensive driving course.

The DMV offers the Smart Driver Course at several locations across the state. You can only take this type of course in a classroom, and it's 8 hours long. This course focuses on driving responsibly and avoiding conflicts on the road or any issues with your driver's license. You must take a Smart Driver Course if you're under 21 and you have 6 points or more on your driving record, to reinstate your driver's license, or to fulfill the conditions on an employee driving permit. This is also the course you need to take if you want to earn a 2-point credit on your driving record.

The National Safety Council offers the STOP course , which you can take to get a minor moving violation dismissed. This will prevent points from that ticket from going on your record, and it may also help you avoid your insurance rate going up plus get you on with the best companies. When you get a ticket dismissed through a STOP course, you don't have to pay certain fines or go to court for your ticket. The course focuses on safe driving skills and avoiding traffic offenses. The STOP course is 4 hours long, and there are both classroom and online options available. You can take the course at a National Safety Council location or at select colleges.

Finishing Traffic School

Every defensive driving course in Nebraska has a minimum requirement as far as course time is concerned. For classroom courses, you must be in the classroom at least that amount of time. Online courses use timers to track how much time you spend on the course to ensure that you meet the minimum amount.

You may or may not obtain a certificate of completion from your course provider upon finishing the course. The course provider may not give you one and instead automatically notify the DMV that you completed the course. If the course provider does give you a certificate of completion, then you'll need to show that to the DMV and possibly your insurance company. Even if the course provider notifies the DMV, it's still smart to contact the DMV yourself to make sure of that. If you have a DUI on your record then you may need to look for cheap SR22 insurance Nebraska options versus normal insurance.

Once the DMV gets confirmation that you completed a defensive driving course, then it will update your driving record to reflect that. If you earned a point credit, the DMV will take up to 2 points off your record. If you took traffic school to get a ticket dismissed, then the DMV will dismiss it from your record.

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