Nevada Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Driving is one of the most important privileges people can obtain in the United States. Having a drivers license allows people to travel to destinations conveniently and easily. However, violating traffic laws can lead to the suspension or revocation of driving privileges. They can also place points on the driver's driving record and license that make insurance rates soar. Fortunately, most states allow drivers to attend traffic schools that can eliminate these problems and allow driving privileges to remain intact. The following is an overview of traffic schools available to drivers in Nevada and why they may need to attend a course.

Types Of Driving Schools Near Me or Online

Nevada allows drivers to take driving courses in two different ways. If a driver wants to attend a traditional classroom setting, where there is a live instructor to guide them through there are classes available. Many people prefer the convenience of taking traffic school online at their convenience, so the state of Nevada also offers this option. The Nevada Department Of Motor Vehicles provides a comprehensive list of traffic school providers that are accredited and accepted by the state of Nevada.

Click Here to Decrease or Prevent Points on Your Drivers License

Point Removal

One reason many drivers decide to take traffic school courses, is to keep points from affecting their driver's license. In Nevada, drivers can complete one traffic school course in a 12 month period to remove points such as:

When a driver in Nevada commits an offense and a citation is issued, a notice is sent to the DMV and points are assigned to the drivers license and record. If too many points are accrued, drivers could have their license suspended without further notice.

Insurance Rate Decrease

Many insurance companies offer reduced rates to Nevada drivers who take and successfully complete traffic school courses in defensive driving or alcohol awareness. After completion of the course, the driver sends in the certificate of completion or sends it electronically to the insurance company who will apply the discount. If you have a DUI ask about Nevada SR22 insurance options as well.

No matter why drivers choose to attend traffic school in Nevada, the result is sure to be beneficial for both the driver and others who share the roadways. Learning how to drive defensively to avoid an accident or a citation is key to maintaining a clean driving record.

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