New Jersey Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

The driver education offered in New Jersey high schools is sufficient for permitting and licensing to operate an automobile. That said, the lessons learned are often forgotten as drivers grow more comfortable and confident on the state's highways and byways. In fact, many learn the so-called benefits of aggressive driving, such as beating the traffic light, navigating around congested traffic and shaving a few minutes off the commute. Yet those benefits soon turn sour--or even fatal--when they lead to traffic accidents, higher insurance premiums or loss of driving privileges. For this reason, the Garden State offers defensive driving education to its residents. Getting SR22 insurance in NJ may be required if you have a DUI on your record.

Benefits from a Defensive Driving Course Near Me or Online

The short answer to this question is whoever takes the class. This population is divided into two groups: those that opt to enroll and those ordered to do so. Choosing to receive defensive driving education helps a driver with moving violations on record by reducing the number of points attached to the driver's licenses. The accrual of points, of course, eventually leads to revocation so keeping points low (or, better yet, keeping them off) ensures a driver of retaining his or her privileges for years to come. Even with no record of moving violations, a resident of New Jersey can gain from this education. Many in-state auto insurance providers reduce premiums for those who voluntarily study defensive driving.

The other subset of enrollees consists of people who are mandated to do so by judicial order as part of an imposed penalty. In some cases, a traffic ticket will be dismissed in exchange for completing the course. Depending on the municipal court, mandatory enrollment may be imposed for a variety of infractions, including:

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What Does Traffic School Require?

The course requires between four to eight hours of the driver's time. Covering traffic rules and their violation; alcohol and drug abuse; driving techniques and mindsets; and principles for sharing the road with other drivers, the course aims to make particpants more aware of the vehicles around them, as well as the best ways to arrive at a destination safely. At the end of instruction, a final exam is given. Results are then forwarded to courts of jurisdiction for those drivers under judicial order. In some instances of failure, re-taking the test is an option.

Where Is Traffic School Located?

New Jersey makes defensive driving as convenient as possible for students. With over twenty-five locations to choose from statewide (and listed on the NJ MVC website), participants also have the option of taking the course online. This offering allows them to receive this instruction at times optimal to their schedule. In addition, online study is timed so the enrollee must give the program complete attention. With these venues available, New Jersey residents can improve their driver profiles in just a few short hours.

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