North Carolina Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Anyone who receives a traffic citation in North Carolina may be ordered to attend traffic school. In some cases, people who successfully complete traffic school won't have to pay their tickets or have citations recorded on their driving records. According to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles , the state may also require someone who has accumulated seven points on his or her driving record to attend a driver improvement clinic in order to have these points cleared.

Defensive Driving Course Near Me or Online

Drivers are usually required to attend a defensive driver course that lasts four or eight hours depending on the particular violation. Participants can choose to complete their courses either online or in a classroom setting. states that a certified driving instructor must be present if the classroom setting option is chosen. According to the Go to Traffic School website, North Carolina also requires that traffic school participants meet with a driver's license hearing officer before they are allowed to begin their courses.

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North Carolina charges a $65 fee for traffic school that must be paid before starting a course. A restoration fee of $65 ($130 for a DWI conviction) is charged for anyone who wishes to get a revoked license reinstated after completing traffic school.

Traffic School Curriculum

Students learn a variety of topics that can help keep them safe and compliant with local and federal driving laws while on the road. Defensive driving techniques are emphasized so that drivers can learn better ways to avoid accidents. Students also learn about the dangers of impaired driving and how drugs and alcohol can hinder a person's ability to safely operate a vehicle. Information regarding North Carolina's driver's license suspension and revocation laws will be provided as well. Students are further taught ways to make better decisions on the road and how to formulate an effective defensive driver plan. Courses may even include videos, booklets and other tools that can help students gain a better understanding of the subject matter. An exam is given so that students can demonstrate their knowledge.

After Completing Traffic School

Following the successful completion of a traffic school course, each student is given a certificate of completion. This certificate can then be presented to the DMV and the driver's insurance company. In some cases, an instructor may notify the DMV automatically once a student has finished a course. Upon notification, the driver's record will be updated. For information about North Carolina SR22 insurance please refer to our other article.

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