North Dakota Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Defensive Driving Courses in North Dakota are designed to prepare you to drive smarter while on the road. These courses also teach driver safety and help you become a better driver. Also known as traffic school, there are many benefits for drivers who complete a defensive driving course.

Benefits of Attending a Defensive Driving Course Near Me or Online:

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is the only authorized agency to approve courses which qualify for reduced insurance premiums. By completing the course, drivers in North Dakota will be eligible for an auto insurance discount for a period of two years. Before enrolling in any defensive driving course, check to see if you are eligible for this discount before you enroll. For questions about SR22 insurance in North Dakota please refer to our other article.

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North Dakota Defensive Driving Course Providers

Approved courses for defensive driving in North Dakota are available for course registration at an approved online course provider or at a commercial driving school. You can see a list of all approved course providers in the state of North Dakota by visiting the North Dakota DOT website . The classroom course must be completed in its entirety on the date you choose to take it. It must also be taught by a certified driving instructor.

Many drivers prefer the online course because it is more convenient. The online option also allows students to work at their own pace versus the classroom version which must be completed all in one day. The online version can be completed anywhere a student has an Internet connection.

If you choose an online defensive driving course, you may still have a specified time frame to complete the course from the time you sign up. If the course is not completed within the designated time, you may have to retake the course and you may not be able to get a refund. It is a good idea to check with the course provider for complete details.

Normally, a North Dakota defensive driving course takes about 4 hours to complete. The course consists of four chapters and a final exam with 25 questions. However, times can vary depending on the course provider. Lessons are completed using the four subject-based chapters. You can expect to learn topics such as how to be a defensive driver and safe driving habits while on the road.

Each chapter will teach you about a specific subject which may include:

At the end of each chapter, students will be required to take a quiz. At the end of the course, you will be required to take a 25-question final exam. A majority of the questions on the final exam will need to be answered correctly in order to pass the driving course. The questions on the exam come directly from the course content.

After you complete the North Dakota traffic school course, you will receive a course completion certificate which you should keep for your personal records. You will also be given an insurance copy which can either be mailed or hand-delivered to your insurance provider or court. The North Dakota Highway Patrol will also be notified electronically when you complete the course. You can choose an option on how to handle your course completion certificate, which will depend on your reasons for taking the course.

Fixing a Traffic Ticket

If you are addressing a North Dakota traffic ticket or completing the course because of a court plea bargain, here are some usual requirements for taking a defensive driving course:

Some courts will send out a notice to you indicating that you can get reduced penalties on your traffic ticket by showing proof of completion of a defensive driving course. It may also be a good idea to contact the local court in North Dakota that is handling your case to check for your eligibility. Keep in mind that you cannot get the ticket dismissed completely, but you will be able to get some of the penalties reduced.

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