South Carolina Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

In South Carolina, residents who have received traffic tickets or have too many points on their license can look into attending traffic school. This driving course must be approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles, and can often help improve your driving skills while offering other benefits, as well. Of course, every state has different guidelines and it is important to know what South Carolina requires, and offers, for those attending traffic school.

South Carolina Traffic School Options Near Me

Traffic school courses have evolved with technology, allowing South Carolina residents the opportunity to take courses in the classroom or online. The online option is more flexible for those who have a busy schedule or need something that moves at their own pace. These courses are plentiful, and available in the various counties and cities throughout the state. The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles has a comprehensive list of approved traffic schools and defensive driving courses that you can choose from.

Defensive driving courses are designed to help improve your driving skills and knowledge, which is why they are offered as an alternative to many people who want to get rid of a traffic ticket, reduce the points on their license, or earn discounts on car insurance which is great in an ever increasing rates market.

Removing Points with Traffic School

Every traffic violation in South Carolina carries points with it. The number of points varies depending on the type of incident and the frequency with which you have had other incidents or points accumulated in the past. After reaching 6 points, the DMV will send you a warning notice. If you accumulate more than 12 points, the DMV will likely suspend your license.

According to South Carolina law, drivers may enroll in traffic school courses once every three years. Successful completion of the course will remove four (4) points from your license. You will need to make sure that you check with the issuing court or traffic division to ensure that you are approved to take a driving course, as well as which course options you have. You can learn more about suspensions, points, or how to check your own driving record by visiting the South Carolina DMV.

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Satisfying Tickets or Traffic Court Requirements

Getting a traffic ticket is never good. Not only can it be expensive, but it can affect your driving record in negative ways. However, there are many traffic violations for which you can attend traffic school rather than paying the fine or having the points put on your license. Again, this is going to be up to the discretion of the courts. Your local traffic court should be able to provide you with information regarding what courses you can take, how long you have to complete the course, and fees or documentation that need to be submitted before you can attend driving school to get rid of a traffic violation or ticket.

Traffic School Can Save You Money on Car Insurance

South Carolina insurance companies are capitalizing on defensive driving courses to offer an alternative discount option to drivers. Many insurance providers will reward you for taking voluntary traffic school courses. Again, of course, you will need to check with your insurance carrier to determine what courses are approved and what kind of discounts are available. Many people will attempt to use this to save money before they change insurance companies or shop around for better rates. See what your cheap SR22 insurance SC options are too.

What You'll Learn

Traffic school offers a lot of different courses and topics to help educate drivers. The primary focus, of course, is on traffic laws and driving techniques. Getting a refresher on the laws can often satisfy the requirements of the court when you have received some type of violation. Defensive driving courses are often designed to help you improve your own skill and driving record, but will also be the ones to save you money on your insurance.

Many courses require a final exam for completion, but again this varies from one program to the next. Students in these classes will be able to learn about responsible driving, defensive driving, traffic laws, and alcohol and drug-related violations and driving hazards. There are often special courses for those who have been charged with an OVI or DUI, which emphasize the safety and legal issues surrounding driving while impaired.

Keep in mind that upon completing these courses, you may need to submit documents for proof to your insurance company, the court, or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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