Vermont Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

You're out of luck if you recently got a traffic ticket in Vermont and were hoping to take traffic school to have it dismissed from your record, because the state DMV doesn't offer that. Instead, you simply have to wait out any tickets and points on your driving record. However, taking a defensive driving course can improve your abilities behind the wheel, as these courses focus on developing accident-avoidance skills and ensuring that you know all the rules of the road. You may even be able to score a discount on your auto insurance.

Options for Taking a Vermont Traffic School Course

Even if you've been driving for years or decades, traffic school can be valuable as a refresher on traffic laws, and it can help you improve your driving habits. There are both classroom and online traffic school courses available in Vermont. Some drivers find that they learn better in a classroom environment, but many appreciate the convenience of online programs, as they're able to fit the course around their schedule and work more at their own pace.

Each traffic school will have its own course curriculum, but there are several common topics you can expect all courses to cover, especially Vermont's traffic laws and defensive driving techniques. Most courses also go over alcohol and drug-related driving violations, building responsible driving habits, avoiding accidents, and sharing the road with others, including motorcyclists, bicyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers. Courses often have a final exam that you must pass to get your certificate showing that you completed traffic school.

Why Take Traffic School in Vermont

You can take traffic school voluntarily at any time to improve your driving and your knowledge of the state's traffic laws. However, most drivers take traffic school either because they want a discount on their insurance premiums or a traffic court has ordered them to take it.

Insurance companies may provide a safe driver discount for drivers who complete a defensive driving course. This is more commonly available for either younger drivers who haven't been behind the wheel much yet or elderly drivers. That doesn't mean it's only available to those groups of drivers, as discount options vary for each insurance company. The easiest way to find out if your insurance company offers a discount for taking traffic school is contacting them about it. If they don't offer discounts for that and you feel like you're paying too much, consider shopping around for a new insurance company. Check out the SR22 insurance Vermont options as well if you have a DUI.

Traffic courts in Vermont may require you to take traffic school if you commit a severe moving violation or if you have a poor driving record. If your traffic court requires you to take traffic school, it will provide you with course options and a deadline for when you must complete the course. You may be able to take your course in a classroom or online, or the court may require you to attend a course in-person.

It's important that you fulfill any traffic school requirements that the court has for you to avoid further punishments. If you keep getting traffic tickets for the same violations, it may be worth your time to take traffic school whether a court requires it or not. The Vermont DMV puts all your violations on your driving record, and they only go away with time. A poor driving record puts you at risk of a suspended license.

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Finding a Traffic School

There are a few easy ways that you can locate traffic schools in Vermont, depending on why you're taking traffic school. If a court is ordering you to take it, then you can find traffic schools through the court. Your car insurance company may be able to help you find a traffic school, and you could also find them through the DMV. Finally, you'll find plenty of traffic school options if you look online or in your phone book.

How Traffic School Works

In a traffic school course, you can anticipate learning about regulations for driving in Vermont, road signs, why drunk driving is so dangerous, and how to handle hazards on the road. With a classroom course, you'll typically complete the entire course in one day. Online courses usually provide you with more flexibility regarding when you complete them. Courses tend to be a few hours long.

After you complete traffic school and successfully pass the final exam, your course provider will give you a certificate of completion. You can submit this certificate to either your insurance company, if you were taking traffic school for an insurance discount, or to the traffic court, if your traffic school was court ordered.

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