Wisconsin Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

If you're a victim of high auto insurance due to traffic violations, you may want to consider attending traffic school. Wisconsin residents interested in traffic school have many options from which to choose. Learn the many benefits of traffic school in Wisconsin as well as what they all entail.

What is Traffic School?

Traffic school, also referred to as a traffic safety course or defensive driving course, is often utilized by a driver who has received a traffic violation. Traffic violations not only result in demerit points being added to your driving record but can also result in increased premiums on your auto insurance. Completing a traffic safety course may help get the ticket dismissed, eliminating demerit points and preventing your insurance from increasing.

Because insurance companies often give discounts to drivers who have successfully completed traffic school, many drivers take the course even if they do not have any traffic violations on their driving record. Although it may vary depending on your driving record and your insurance company, you could lose three demerit points once you've completed the course. You may consider checking with your insurance company to see if they do offer discounts for individuals who complete traffic school. Also if you have a DUI ask them if they have cheap SR22 insurance Wisconsin policy options.

What Does Traffic School Entail?

The traffic safety courses are offered in different formats based on the student's needs. An individual who has no traffic violations but is interested in learning better driving techniques or earning an insurance discount may enroll in the basic traffic safety school or a defensive driving course. A driver who has been convicted of his or her first Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) may enroll in the Group Dynamics course, and a driver who has been convicted of his or her second OWI can typically enroll in the Multiple Offender Program. All of these traffic schools or courses are offered in the state of Wisconsin.

The length of the traffic safety course may vary from school to school. However, the course must be at least 12 hours long, according to the Division of Motor Vehicles . Students learn how to drive responsibly, acknowledge their own driving habits and find ways to improve them. The whole purpose of the classes is to help reduce not only the number of traffic citations but also the number of car accidents.

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Can Anyone Take a Traffic Safety Course?

Anyone can enroll in traffic school in Wisconsin and take one of the courses. However, if the reason for taking the course is because of a traffic violation, individuals are encouraged to check ahead to make sure they are eligible to take the course for purposes of demerit reduction or preventing insurance premiums from increasing. In some situations, the offender may get a notice from the court stating if they can have the ticket dismissed by attending traffic school. Typically, a driver is eligible to have a ticket dismissed if the following conditions are met.

Where are Traffic Schools Offered in Wisconsin?

Traffic schools can be found at many technical schools throughout Wisconsin, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation . About 19 different technical schools in Wisconsin offer traffic courses. Almost all of these schools also have several campus locations offering the courses. Milwaukee Area Technical College is one example of one of the many colleges offering a couple of campuses as well as several courses.

The state of Wisconsin also offers traffic school courses online. Many individuals prefer these courses because they can take the course at their convenience and may even be able to complete them all in one sitting. The online course must be offered through an approved provider.

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