Wyoming Defensive Driving Traffic School Online

Driving is a privilege that allows us to get where we need to go quickly and easily. However, it is important to maintain a clean driving record to avoid the loss of driving privileges. In some instances, drivers who have been issued citations or charged with a traffic offense need to attend traffic school to remove points or to comply with court orders. Below is an overview of traffic school courses in Wyoming, and what they offer students.

Why Attend Traffic School?

Traffic school can be beneficial to drivers for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons drivers attend these courses are:

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Where Can Drivers Take Traffic School Courses?

Wyoming drivers have the option of taking traffic school courses in two ways. The most popular choice among drivers is the online option. Students log onto the school website and do the coursework within a certain time frame. Most online schools give students a certificate of completion to send to their insurance company or Department Of Motor Vehicles to prove compliance. Drivers can also take traffic school courses in a traditional classroom setting. Students are required to complete a certain number of hours and pass an exam before obtaining their certification of completion. No matter which option the driver chooses, it is important to check with the Wyoming Department Of Motor Vehicles before enrolling in traffic school, to be sure the course is approved by the state. There is a list of approved traffic schools on the Wyoming DMV website.


To be eligible for traffic school, Wyoming drivers must have:

Drivers who meet these requirements can have their citations dismissed and the points removed from their drivers license upon completion.

Attending traffic school is the best way to improve driving knowledge, reduce insurance rates and satisfy court requirements. Many parents also find Wyoming defensive driving courses ideal for their teenagers who have just become new drivers. No matter what the reason for attending traffic school, the result will be knowledgeable drivers and a safer highway for us all. Ask your agent about Wyoming SR22 insurance rates if you have a DUI.

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