State and Local Government on the Net Directory Hits 10,000 Entries

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PR Web, November 22, 2004) The State and Local Government on the Net Directory (SLGN), the popular gateway to official state, county and city government web sites, recently added its 10,000th record. This online directory, which is available for free public access, is located at

"State and local government agencies publish legislative proceedings, court schedules, maps, statistical databases, contractor lists, and other content-rich material that is hard to find elsewhere," said Dr. Dana Noonan, SLGN's co-founder and webmaster. "There are strong trends in government website design toward greater sophistication, more consistent navigation, audience-centered portals, use of attractive graphics, interactive features that involve or seek feedback from citizens, and multi-media content," she added.

State and Local Government on the Net Directory

Launched in 1995 before most states and municipalities had official websites, the State and Local Government on the Net Directory provides convenient, frequently-updated, one-stop access to the official websites of thousands of state agencies and city and county governments. Only sites that are controlled and actively managed by state and local government agencies are included.

For each state, the directory lists the websites of the main executive, legislative and judicial agencies as well as counties, cities, municipalities, townships and regional government councils. State form and phone directories are also included where available. In addition, the site provides quick access to government-related associations and organizations, U.S. territories and tribal governments.

Currently, the SLGN Directory has the following entries:

Commercial businesses, law firms, nonprofit agencies, media organizations, libraries, advocacy groups, government web designers and their supervisors, and the general public use the SLGN Directory.

If you're looking for current political news visit.

Growing Public Interest in Government Information

The Pew Internet & American Life Project's latest e-government study (PDF), released on May 24, 2004, showed that two thirds (66%) of "Internet users have looked for information from a local, state, or federal government Web site."

Of particular interest is what Pew found about how American Internet users actually use government web sites. About a third of government patrons used the Web to get information, three in ten to conduct a transaction, and less than one-fifth to solve a problem. Among Internet users, according to this Pew telephone study of 3000 American adults completed in August, 2003:

SLGN Directory�s State Topical Guide

The SLGN Directory's home page also features a State Topical Guide, added about a year ago. There, with one click, citizens, businesses and organizations have easy access to to one-page listings of key government functions across all 50 states.

"Researchers and businesses that use our site appreciate the convenience of seeing links to similar types of sites from all the states displayed together on one page," Noonan stated. "Consumers planning a trip can save time checking out a number of states� tourism and recreational sites from just one or two topical pages."

Categories in the State Topical Guide are: state homepages, constitutional officers, legislatures, judicial branch, aging, agriculture, arts, education, health, jobs, state libraries, military/veterans, parks, public safety, public works, regulatory agencies and tourism. Each topical page is prefaced by a summary of the kinds of information or services visitors can expect to find in the websites listed on that page, and provides quick links to similar agencies across the 50 states.

SLGN Notes, a weblog, was added to the site in June 2004. Here, SLGN's editors comment on new, redesigned or updated state and local government websites, pointing out interesting or fun features for professional and consumer audiences alike and occasionally cover related news.

About Piper Resources
The SLGN Directory, State Topical Guide and SLGN Notes are free public services of Piper Resources, an Internet publishing firm based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company's mission is to publish easy-to-use, accurate, timely, trusted, and valuable guides to Internet resources. Piper Resources licenses its databases, provides related database development services under contract,and accepts sponsorships.".