Government Accredited Online Colleges in Alabama

In 2004 the state of Alabama implemented the Alabama ACCESS Distance Learning Initiative. This act was written and launched in an effort to promote online distance learning for prospective students. Specifically, Alabama high school students are given the opportunity to take advantage of online enrollment choices that would educate them in virtually all relevant coursework they'd encounter in a physical Alabama classroom.

It's worth noting that the ACCESS Distance Learning Initiative is also available to students in a number of large public universities in Alabama and not just students in high school.

Today, both the cost of tuition and number of student enrollment in Alabama's higher education system is gradually increasing. Between 2009 and 2012, inflation and decreased state spending on higher education was directly responsible for the 18.8% increase in the cost of tuition. Despite this increase in tuition, between 2005 and 2010 colleges in the state of Alabama still experienced steadily growing enrollment rates that followed the national average - about 14.5%.

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