Government Accredited Online Colleges in Arizona

Online education has grown tremendously in Arizona. The number of state- approved K-12 institutions in Arizona rose from 14 to 66 in 2009. With the Arizona State Legislature passing bills that facilitate online education, the number of students pursuing e-learning will continue to grow. According to reports from The Arizona Board of Regents, Arizona universities plan to expand the online degree programs or to develop additional hybrid degree courses that will reduce the cost of e-learning.

Arizona State boasts of enormous student enrollment in online programs. The largest universities in Arizona have online bachelor’s, master and Ph.D. online courses. There are accredited satellite campuses that solely offer distance education. Arizona universities welcome students from around the globe to take two-year, three-year or four –year degrees in public, not- for-profit, private, or religious institutions.

The southwestern state universities provide online education that is comparable to full time on- campus learning. Arizona is home to more than 140 accredited institutions of higher learning and is a powerhouse in online education. In 2012, 17 % of undergraduates in Arizona universities were online students from other states and countries. A 2012 NCES report indicated that 48.2 % of students registered in Title IV Arizona schools were in online programs. The e-learning programs help the working class to access higher learning while still attending to employee responsibilities. Distance education is not inclusive of the cost of travel and accommodation, so the students can save the money spent on on-campus training. Arizona online education caters for students from across the worlds who want to further their education and still have time for other responsibilities.