Government Accredited Online Colleges in Delaware

Originally, Delware began pursuing online education to support adult education. In 1999 The Delaware Center for Distance Adult Learning (DCDAL) was created. The DCDAL offered Delware residents the opportunity to earn their high school diploma or GED online. Now in recent years, a number of online learning opportunities were added to the state's education system. This was done to support students at earlier grade levels - Red Clay Consolidated School District was the first to adopt this approach. In 2012, this new wave of public schools began opening online distance learning labs, featuring Edline (an online education management system), television newscasts viewable remotely, and AV equipment. The University of Delaware, Delaware State University, and several other higher education institutions currently offer students online classes and degrees.

Between 2006 and 2011, the tuition at four-year institutions in the state of Delaware were within range of the United States average by growing 41%. The unfortunate reality is that higher education appropriations from the state dropped during the same years by 8.6%. One reason why the funding has been relatively low is because of enrollment rates being too slow. They've only increased by 1% in the last few years. As a result, it comes as no surprise than enrollment in the state of Delaware is dragging behind the general national enrollment rate increase of 15.9%.

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