Government Accredited Online Colleges in Florida

Online education in Florida has been positively progressing since 1996 after the founding of the Florida Community College Distance Learning Consortium and the Institute for Postsecondary Distance Learning. In 1999 28 public colleges and 12 universities were given access to online education services when resources from the institute were used to create the Florida Virtual Campus (FVC).

Through a number of services offered by the Florida Department of Education, the FVC also offers education support for K-12 students. The comprehensive and intuitive learning structure at the Florida Virtual Campus offers all students access to a variety of eBook literature databases, online journals, and student services. Florida's online education system seems to be a highly engaged and prospering environment as suggested by a report from the Florida College System. Within five years, postsecondary online class enrollment increased 128.8%.

However, despite this growth in online class enrollment, the state of Florida opted to reduce revenues for higher education institutions. Between 2006 and 2011, state appropriates were reported at -17.5%. The reality of this revenue cut is that online college tuition rates will increase, which they have by 69.7%

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