Government Accredited Online Colleges in Georgia

Indiana is home to numerous institutions of higher learning, many of which provide extensive online degree programs. Online degree programs are available at private and public universities alike. According to the Open Education Database, Indiana's schools and legislative bodies have teamed up to encourage people in the state to pursue these online programs. They've also collaborated to ensure that the programs are more attainable to people.

The Indiana Department of Education lists a number of colleges and universities that provide students with online learning opportunities. Some key examples of these are Harrison College, Butler University, Western Governors University, Purdue University and Indiana Wesleyan University. More and more online degree programs are available at Indiana institutions of higher learning all the time, as well.

Western Governors University, for example, is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The university offers a wide range of online degree programs. These programs include subjects such as mathematics, human resource management, special education, interdisciplinary studies, social science, health informatics, software development, healthcare management, instructional design, accounting and marketing management. Students of this university can pursue a range of different types of degrees. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science and Master of Education online degrees are all available. The nonprofit institution aims to provide students with online educations that are simultaneously comprehensive, inexpensive and flexible. Students who have busy work schedules, for example, often benefit from taking online college courses. Online courses take out daily commute times and other major considerations.