Government Accredited Online Colleges in Iowa

Since the fall of 2013, 114, 809 students were enrolled and participating in online and distance learning programs in Iowa's colleges and universities. Online education in Iowa was supported by the creation of the Iowa Community College Online Consortium (ICCOC), which consists of seven Iowa community colleges aiming to create an educational partnership. Students interested in online and distance education in the state of Iowa are encouraged to visit the ICCOC's online portal. Here they can learn about all the different information and requisites required for undergraduate degrees. Plus, the portal offers opportunities for financing and scholarships - plus a chance to review online courses currently offered at Iowa school participating in the consortium.

The struggle of limited state funding has unfortunately caused a substantial tuition hike, which undoubtedly affects the enrollment of Iowa's colleges and universities. Private school tuition has been reported almost as high as three times the cost of public school education in the state, as reported by a 2011-12 College Board study. The same study also suggests that the tuition costs of some two-year Iowa colleges were some of the highest in the nation. Relatively, Iowa's four-year learning institutions experienced a lower tuition hike of 10% in the past five years; these tuition increases affected both in-state and out-of-state students. Iowa's public school enrollment came in below the national average by only 6 points as seen in the 13% increase over ten years.

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