Government Accredited Online Colleges in Kentucky

An online educational program is more affordable than attending college in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting, and there are many students who decide to take virtual classes rather than traditional classes. The Kentucky Virtual Campus & Distance Learning Initiative was established to increase the success of Kentucky’s Virtual Campus and Virtual Library, so students can benefit of technology that is offered in the state. The Initiative also increases productivity for students with course reform and alternative methods of program delivery through online learning.

There are many students in Kentucky who are learning through online courses. In 2005-2006, students earned 222,916 credit hours online. The number of credit hours that were earned by students online increased dramatically, and in 2010-2011 there were 792,081 credit hours that were earned through online courses. In 2011, there were 101, 449 students who were enrolled in distance learning classes, which is 35.2% of all postsecondary students in the state.

There are many educational institutions in Kentucky that offer online educational opportunities, such as the University of Kentucky’s Distance Learning program, which offer courses that follow a structured semester class or classes that are focused on independent study. There are an array of colleges in Kentucky that provide online degree opportunities, which include a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.

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