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Kansas State Business Resources

If you are looking to start or expand a business in Kansas, you made a good choice. The state is a great option for business owners because it is thriving with opportunities that would benefit small to medium sized business owners.

In fact, there are a number of businesses that are based in Kansas such as Mars Chocolate, Sprint, Payless Shoe Source, Cessna Aircraft, Synergy Group, and more. The largest industry in Kansas is Topeka, which makes up 45% of the state's economy. Aside from agriculture, other top performing industries and contributors to the state economy are oil, gas, education, mining, and manufacturing.

The state has a business-friendly climate that is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. This means that the state government offers adequate support and resources for business owners to start or expand their business. At the same time, you have access to a wide range of grants and loan programs, as well as tax incentives.

If you need access to a skilled workforce, you can also find that in Kansas. You can also benefit from the state's impressive infrastructure and efficient transportation system. There is no question that Kansas is positioning itself to be the next business hub in the region given these many advantages that potential business owners can exploit. For business insurance related info please refer to our more in depth article.

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Kansas State and Local Insurance Information and Directory

At the request of our visitors we've included the below local insurance contacts for most cities in Kansas. Residents of Kansas have many options when it comes to auto insurance, from basic polices that cover the minimum requirements to more comprehensive policies that protect you from the risk of lawsuits. The state of Kansas is notorious for severe weather, often with damaging wind and large hail, so it's important to always keep your car insured. The contacts we've provided make it simple to compare multiple insurance companies in Kansas and find a low cost option that's right for you. If you want cheap rates, it's best to evaluate the pros and cons of each insurance company and what they have to offer. Obtain a few quotes and then select the most affordable option that meets your needs. For additional information on traffic laws or driving schools please navigate to your respective state using the map. And for manufactured home insurance, please refer to the respective article.

Government Contacts

Kansas is part of the "Tornado Alley", which means it experiences multiple tornadoes a year. More than 3 million people live in the state. Its capital city Topeka is also the most populous city in the state. Research shows that the state was once home to many and diverse Native American tribes.

Manufacturing and agriculture are the two main driving forces in the state's economy, with the former supplying raw materials for the latter. Kansas is the top producer of wheat and sorghum grains. It is said that the state can produce enough wheat in a single year to feed every person in the planet with six loaves of bread.

Kansas is also among the top producers of beef (as well as processed beef), hogs, and wild hay in the country. The state is among the top producers of renewable energy in the US, and the leading producer of wind energy.

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